Thinking about death

By Paulo Coelho

Zilu said to Confucius (a Chinese philosopher, who lived in the sixth century B.C.):
‘May I ask what you think about death?’
‘You may ask,’ replied Confucius, ‘but if you still don’t understand life, why do you want to know about death. Leave thinking about death for when life is over.’

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  1. Heidi says:

    so lets live intens to our own truth…

  2. Jim Courbis says:

    High Paulo!
    A thin King indeed!
    Ab…out Death!
    Love from Jim

  3. Volker Kubarth says:

    Nice Message, but doesn’t death help us, living every second in our life with all the love we have, because we don’t know when death will touch us.
    Well, it doesn’t contradict each other, because knowing the unstoppable helps us enjoy our life, but to much thinking about death leads to bad feelings…even when you are a philosopher.