The bugle that drove away tigers

By Paulo Coelho

A man arrived in a village carrying a mysterious bugle decorated with red and yellow rags, glass beads and animal bones.

‘This bugle can drive away tigers,’ said the man. ‘From this day forth, for a modest daily fee, I will play the bugle every morning and you will never be eaten by those terrible animals.’

Terrified by the threat of attack by a wild animal, the inhabitants of the village agreed to pay what the newcomer asked.

Many years passed, the owner of the bugle grew rich and built himself a magnificent castle. One morning, a boy who was passing through the village, asked who the owner of the castle was. When he heard the story, he decided to go and talk to the man.

‘I was told that you have a bugle that can drive away tigers,’ said the boy. ‘But there are no tigers in this country.’

The man immediately called together all the villagers and asked the boy to repeat what he had said.

‘Did you hear that?’ cried the man as soon as the boy had finished speaking. ‘There you have irrefutable proof of the power of my bugle!’

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  1. Ali says:

    I’ve read this story before. I think it was in one of your books. Can you tell me which one? Can you please write the one about the man and his donkey who were going to heaven and the devil presented different places of what he expected the man to believe that heaven was. In the end it was the poorest of all places?

    Muchas Gracias


  2. Karen says:

    When we “follow” while blind-folding our eyes
    When we “follow” while closing our ears

    We “follow” along with the flock because we are afraid to ask, to question, to shine, to doubt, to trust our common sense, our independent decisions….

    We “Follow” when we are too lazy to look for the truth

    We nod our heads in agreement everytime
    This is how we live passively through life…

    ! How – Do – We – Wake – Up – From – This – Deep – Slumber !

  3. Charmagne says:

    I called my local Barnes and Noble to inquire about your much anticipated visit. Sadly, they informed me your entire North American tour has been cancelled. While, I hope nothing is urgently wrong, I hope that you do reschedule. Please don’t forget those of us here that you have strongly inspired.

    Thank You.

  4. :) I’m smilling here! Thanks for the lesson again! I can’t believe in a thing with my eyes closed. I need to learn how to discover “the truth behind the truth”.
    Be blessed you!
    Marta :)

  5. Joana says:

    Me ha hecho sonreir…
    pero desafortunadamente no necesitamos muchos un clarim para tener fuerza,para creer en nosotros mismos?
    gracias por compartir Paulo,acabo de descubrir tu blog,disculpa si escribo en espanol,pero creo que lo entenderas ;)