El Greco and light

By Paulo Coelho

One pleasant spring afternoon, a friend went to visit the painter El Greco. To his surprise, he found him in his studio with all the curtains closed.

El Greco was working on a painting which had as its central theme the Virgin Mary, and he was using only a single candle to light the room. His bemused friend commented:

‘I had always been told that painters need sunlight in order to select the right colours. Why don’t you draw the curtains?’

‘Not now,’ said El Greco. ‘That would disturb the brilliant fire of inspiration inflaming my soul and filling everything around me with light.’

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  1. marysia says:

    no dziÅ› znalazÅ‚am ten adres…uwelbiam książki Paula Coelho….tej nowej jeszcze nie czytaÅ‚am ale już planuje kupić:)


  2. Wendy Espinoza says:

    It is a beautiful story. there will be times where we do not have to follow the rules, just follow our insticts, trust our hearts, and even the simplest thing could be a big inspiration.

  3. Olá Paulo! Atma Namaste! :)

    So beautiful, so intense, so true, this message. Thank you! :)
    It makes me remember a sentence that Agnieszka said to me, in my page, some days ago: “There would be no twinkling stars without a dark sky above.”
    Ying and Yang, Darkness and Light, they’re all good parts of the same self, I said to her. And it’s what make us whole beings, with balance, harmony. It’s amazing when we discover that we can go from darkness to light and vice versa, in a totally free way and when we discover that the dark parts of us can be good things too. That’s what gives the life its true colors. :)

    Be blessed you, sweetheart!

    Marta :)