The sorrowing father

By Paulo Coelho

Rabbi Abraham had lived an exemplary life. When he died, he went straight to Paradise, and the angels welcomed him with songs of praise.

Yet Abraham sat alone, head in hands, deeply distressed, refusing all consolation. Finally, he was brought before the Almighty and he heard an infinitely tender voice ask him:

‘My beloved servant, what sorrow do you bear in your breast?’

‘I am unworthy of the honours being heaped upon me,’ replied the Rabbi. ‘I was considered an example to my people, but I must have done something very wrong. My one son, on whom I lavished my finest teaching, became a Christian!’

‘Oh, don’t worry about that,’ said the voice of the Almighty. ‘I had an only son too and he did exactly the same thing!’

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  1. Joanne says:

    The stranger in me:

    I am here,
    But I am elsewhere.

    I see many people,
    But I recognize no one.

    I hear voices,
    But I understand nothing.

    I feel pain,
    But I cannot scream.

    I want to cry
    But I have no tears.

    I want to speak
    But my mouth is shut.

    I want to write
    But my hand is still

    I want to run,
    But my feet are jammed.

    I feel happy,
    But I cannot smile.

    I want to love,
    But I have no heart.

    I am here,
    But I’m somewhere else
    I am myself
    But I am a stranger inside.

    Note: Dear author, I empathise with you so many times when I read your works. I have read all the books published in English and unfortunately I cannot read those in Spanish or Portuguese:-( BUT looking always ahead to other works by you and I pray God for you everyday cause what ever we’re up to is at HIS own discretion! God Bless

  2. fLUXman says:

    dear Paulo,
    I’ve discovered your books this year and what a year it has been,
    just finished by the river, liked your concept of god, bo0om to that and you, Sir.
    would like to dedicate this short for you in the Almighty’s voice,

    bo0om bo0om bo0om X3
    Shiva naache naache Shiva
    Shiva Mahaveva
    bo0om bo0om bo0om
    choota dumm maroo


    Almighty arriving,
    Shiva another sound for the almighty,
    almighty is the almighty,
    almighty listining to your heart,
    asking us to be happy with less

    sir , I believe the monkeys have transcended and the mutation is now in overdrive ( what with all the chemicals in food). liked this conzecpt of yours too sir all the monkeys washing their bananas ( whew what a mind).

    another light joining you sir,
    with offerings to you ,