It’s raining up ahead

By Paulo Coelho

Struggling against certain things which will pass in time anyway is a waste of energy. This very brief Chinese story illustrates this very well.

In the middle of the countryside, it began to rain. Everyone scurried off to seek shelter, except for one man, who continued to walk slowly along.

‘Why aren’t you running for shelter?’ someone asked.

‘Because it’s raining up ahead too,’ came the answer.

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  1. Celia says:

    That was just too profound!

    Those beautiful words will be with me for days to come.

    And yes, Paulo, I think thats why I am such a happy person these days, I finally gave up all struggles in life, and just accept it all.

    How Beautiful you are as well as your teachings.


  2. fLUXman says:

    Soon we all have to get used to it always raining,
    raining, showers are ways to keep the devil inside us at bay. God always does his cleaning up in a very grand way. Am sure that every orgnism in the natural world looks foward to rain.It is us humans who have forgotten, living in concrete jungles, many hate the rain for disrupting their dream schedules. we should learn to let it rain in our minds and clean all our impure thoughts, dont you agree paulo ???

  3. driss says:

    Combatting for life is a waste of energy.Why live it since it’s not everlasting.My idea is that sayins are weighty of meanings only we have the need to see them so..The saying quoted above has a meaning precisely to the one has great in it..Above all, how can we differenciate btw things that can last and those which can’t..?

  4. rare says:

    Can you illustrate more “it’s raining up ahead too”! Cos I didn’t get it?!
    Thanks …

  5. It’s raining inside here too tonight…

    So why should I run for a shelder?

    But I still need to learn how to dance in the rain…

    Thanks for this message…

    It came “just in time” for me… As always…

    I’m really figuring out now why you have this amazing success and

    why you’re so loved around the world…

    Maybe because now I know why I love you too…

    Sometimes it seems that you’re reading our minds, Paulo.


    Beijo no seu coraí§í£o and a very blessed day tomorrow!

    Love & Light!

    Marta :)

  6. Kelly says:

    What a great lesson.

  7. Gregorian says:

    Sometimes one just has to accept. Accept something not worthwhile to fight against. Even trying to understand might not be helpful in this case. But these times will pass when we believe in our destiny. Believe in god and what we are fighting against and everything will turn out well in the end.

    Best wishes.