The answer

By Paulo Coelho

Once a man asked Rabbi Joshua ben Karechah:

‘Why did God choose to speak to Moses out of a thorn bush?’

The Rabbi replied:

‘If he had chosen an olive tree or a bramble bush, you would have asked the same question. But I cannot leave you without an answer, so I will say that God chose a wretched little thorn bush in order to teach us that there is nowhere on Earth where He is not present.’

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  1. Mergime says:

    This is Lucerne in Switzerland.
    Was quite easy for me, as I live in Zürich (also Switzerland)

    My best regards to all!


  2. Mara Pereira says:

    Muito bonita esta mensagens, tal como muitos dos comentários, histórias e reflexíµes que tenho lido, escritas pelo senhor. Hoje ao ler uma delas numa revista, descobri a anotaí§í£o do seu blog. Bem, que presente para mim. Gostaria de agradecer cada um dos livros que escreveu, que para mim sí£o sempre uma lií§í£o de vida, uma reflexí£o, uma forma de evoluir enquanto pessoa( alma). Sí£o muitas vezes a companhia, a ajuda, o degrau para entender algo que necessitava ver e ní£o estava a conseguir.
    Admiro a sua escrita, as palavras com significado, as viagens que fazemos através delas ao nosso interior.
    Felicidades SR. Paulo Coelho.

    Mara( Portugal)

  3. shai azari says:

    about the last post:

    the Reuss River in the city of Lucerne in Switzerland .

  4. shai azari says:

    it’s amazing!!!!

    but there is something even more astounding

    you’r books !!

    i really appreciate your writing!
    i hope to be like you in the future !



    do you know how to read in hebrew?!

  5. Celia says:


    Yes, God is everywhere, and it is also a blessing for such Rabbi’s
    that God has truly blessed to be able to answer with such wisdom.

    Again, thank you for such a beautiful message on this Sunday morning.

    You are a beautiful person Paulo, thank God for your existence too.

    Love, love, love


  6. fLUXman says:

    if moses had told that i heard god out of nowhere,
    he probably would have been classified mad,
    we should remember the words, not dissect ,
    well god is everywhere, in us too , thats why gods so hard to realize and recognize.

  7. Joanne says:

    Dear Author,

    The motto of my life is somewhat based on these lines:

    God created the world for me to visit,
    And I can never stop until I’m done!

    These two lines give me great drive to keep going, and face the challenges with courage ’cause I know with God’s help I will manage to achieve anything that’s in God’s path for me!

    Thank you for making me believe through your writings, that we share the same Christian beliefs.

  8. the bridge maker says:

    however romantic, totally synchronistic, and with the help of the internet… Lucerne