How to keep Hell full

By Paulo Coelho

According to a traditional story, at the moment when the Son of God expired on the cross, He went straight to Hell in order to save sinners.

The Devil was most put out.

‘I have no other function in the universe,’ he said. ‘From now on, all the delinquents who broke the rules, committed adultery and infringed the religious laws will be sent straight to Heaven!’

Jesus looked at him and smiled:

‘Don’t worry,’ he said to the poor Devil. ‘All those who judge themselves to be full of virtue and therefore spend their lives condemning those who follow my word, they will come here. Just wait a few hundred years and you’ll find that Hell is fuller than ever!’

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  1. fLUXman says:

    heaven and hell are a paradox. once in hell the next stop is heaven. The truth is always so eye opening. All of us sinners now have hope in gods forgiveness and love for us.Hell was concocted in our minds so that we may enjoy heaven more.

  2. Leaf says:

    Thanks BB , x

  3. This story reminds me of a few quotes I have passed by along the path of my journey.

    I know that John Milton once said something to the extent that: “one can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven.”

    Pope John Paul II too said that: “Both Heaven and Hell our concious states of existence that we can choose to expierence in the here and now”

    I find both of these statements to hold deep truths of wisdom that undulate to the deep core of my spiritual being.

    Lucifer the light bearer, even in his fall from the grace of God, chose hell over heaven; and made a hell of heaven. God, in his infinte mercy, knew that Lucifer would no longer be happy residing in heaven; under the grace and glory of his majesty. So out of God’s divine mercy, he created a kingdom for Lucifer; were he could reside and rule. Thus God created hell, apart from heaven, to appease some of the turmoil within Lucifer. A kingdom God created from the depths of his infinite love.

    The same holds true for us, the other sentient beings on this planet. We concioucly choose to live in a state of infinite happiness or infiite unhappiness. We have the free will to choose an expierence of heaven here on earth or an expierence of hell here on earth.

    Sometimes what we truly dislike about another is what we truly dislike within ourselves. I believe Kafka once said that and it still holds true today. If you truly distinguish what makes you dislike another in reality, it usually relates to some sort of likeness with them that you hold within yourself.

    If you come to terms with who you are in all aspects and love that person you discover, then all you see will be looked at with the eyes of divine love and paradise will surround you at every turn. If you dislike any part of that which is in you with extreme intent than you will suffer in a hellish state of consciouness. So the choice is yours, with the inklings of your free will which do you choose? Hell or Heaven? Just remember some choices in this life do resonate into the rhelms of eternity.

    B.B. Sivler Mystic

  4. Nevarqu says:

    so true.
    the key to keep hell full is FREE WILL given to every single person.
    But in thesame time it is key to keep paradise full…
    like always – equilibrium.