The impatient disciple

By Paulo Coelho

After an exhausting morning session of prayer in the monastery of Piedra, the novice asked the abbot:
‘Do all these prayers that you teach us make God move closer to us?’
‘I’m going to reply with another question,’ said the abbot. ‘Will all the prayers you say make the sun rise tomorrow?’
‘Of course not! The sun rises in obedience to a universal law.’
‘Well, there’s the answer to your question. God is close to us regardless of how much we pray.’
The novice was shocked.
‘Are you saying that our prayers are useless?’
‘Absolutely not. If you don’t wake up early enough, you will never get to see the sunrise. And although God is always close, if you don’t pray, you will never manage to feel His presence.’

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  1. Alexander says:

    Magnific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the light is in your hand and pencil……………..

  2. wilwayco says:

    i just want to thank you for this inspirational message today.

    i’ve lost my driving force to continue on my goal and fight the good fight because i’m having anxieties about myself and doubt about god, but because of this mesage i was enlightened so much.


  3. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo,

    i loved todays story. I must say, that it really made an impact on me because of my life in this moment in time. Everything you’ve said is true.. God is always with us, inside of us, and everywhere. But in order to feel the presence, the peace inside us, we pray. I was reading sometime ago, that you said, for you, the most perfect ritual was mass. Personally, i am hindu, but i’m not a strict person with that regard. I believe in many things, and at times i go to church. Truth is, just being in the place of God, or rather a place where people pray as a group, gives me so much strength. I loved this church even when it was empty, for its peace just filled and calmed me. Its the way i also feel when i go to the temple. I love it. Its our awareness of his presence that just gets inside you, and makes you just feel so loved.. And when your soul is crying it soothes you.. And saves you. I just love the power of God. God bless everyone :)

    Thank you for being.

  4. The observer says:

    If you don’t go out from your cave, how would you sense the heat of the sun?

  5. Serene says:


    i hAve wOrk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Serene says:

    People always trust God (they have no choice!). The question is, does God trust people? Do people warrant His trust? And, trust in what? In Him of course!

    boooOM flux.

    a Wave.
    It engulfs.
    all these deals.
    all these Numbers.
    all these wires, these machines.


    a little bird meets the height of a wave. it rides it till it crashes as it lifts off, high high HIGH above all that jazZ.