My friend writes a story

By Paulo Coelho

A friend of mine, Bruno Saint-Cast, works on various high-tech projects in Europe. One night, he woke up in the early hours and could not get back to sleep; he felt impelled to write about an old friend from his adolescence, whom he had met in Tahiti.

Even though he knew that he would have to work the next day, Bruno began writing a strange story in which his friend, John Salmon, was making a long voyage from Patagonia to Australia. While he was writing, he felt a sense of enormous freedom, as if inspiration were welling up inside him unimpeded.

As soon as he had finished writing the story, he received a telephone call from his mother. She had just heard that John Salmon had died.

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  1. Carmen Larisa says:

    It is a touching story! Thank you, Paulo, for sharing it with us! :-)
    I had some similar experiences which don’t have a logical explanation, but I guess that reason, minds have nothing to do with our souls.
    After my grandmother died, I had a dream in which I was not able to see her, meaning she was not under the form I knew, it was only her Spirit. I knew she was her, even though it was just a feeling, a sensation. And it was more important than seeing her in person, because she was so joyful and she wanted me to know that everything was perfect for her. I still remember the overwhelming feeling of joy, flooding my entire being! I wasn’t either under the form of a human being. It was only light and a sensation of warmth, of security and unforgettable JOY. Strange, isn’t it, how we remeber some dreams so well and others vanish from our memory immediately, even before sunrise… It was a dream with colours, sounds, very clear images, very, very real and when I want to re-live it, all the minute details come back surprisingly well.
    And I also dreamed about my cat, my beloved cat and I had the same sensations of complete joy and no physical body. Still, all the features of the respective people remain there. There is no time, no space, just Spirit, comfort, peace and bright light. And I also had a similar dream concerning a dog I’ve loved very much.
    So, it’s about the same sensation of freedom, of comfort and joy as in the story above.
    In Spirit we are all one and that’s why we have similar experiences. We are all drops in the Ocean of Love.
    I see death as a part of life, an opportunity to go on, to have a better life next, a chance to see your soul clearly and then plunge into another journey. Death is often perceived as being frightening because modern people are somehow lost in the illusion of materialism, without the comfort of having a spiritually fulfilling life.
    If people were more interested in finding God in their lives, meaning having the sincere desire to find the freedom the Spirit offers us, there were no worries, no tragedies, no despair.
    A good friend of mine said that she didn’t believe in reincarnation. She was so against the idea… I told her that it didn’t matter, even if she believed or not, it still existed, with or without our approval. She affirmed that it would be too easy for human beings to have more lives, to have the possiblity of rebirth in order to evolve.
    On the contrary, I believe that if people were sure about reincarnation, it would mean a lot for their evolution. The idea of going to another life, carrying the “burden” of previous lives makes everyone more conscious about leading a more spiritual life, a more enlightened one.
    It makes us more responsible about mastering our existences, choosing the path we want to go to, either to evolution or involution.
    And there is also the possibility of getting away from this cycle of birth and death, when we are identified with what we really represent: the Spirit. Only then we are completely enlightened. But, what is very strange and frustrating is represented by the fact that it seems that human beings don’t want to find who they really are. We are so used to our barriers, artificial limits imposed by ourselves that we are afraid to go beyond them. Like a bird which is kept too much in a cage, when you let the door open, there is a sensation of insecurity. It seems that we forgot how to fly.
    So, we must learn again how to spread the wings of our souls and fly to the light, to warmth, to God!
    I like to call the sensation “swimming up,” a sort of swimmimg-flying-floating to a place where there is no time, no pressure, no evil, just joy.
    May God help all of us feel that and make us worthy of belonging to that special, miraculous destination!

    Lots of love!
    Carmen Larisa

  2. Anyname says:

    This is spooky, I have written stories to then see them happen, not always identical, but uncannily similar.
    It happens also with paintings….ooh

    That which is written is only revealed to then be changed.
    Some say that we are Players
    Some say that we are pawns.

    Win some, lose some.

  3. Chrissa says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I feel so moved from this story…I have experienced a similar situation three years ago.A very good friend
    of mine from my adolescence, called NATASHA was -is-will be ALWAYS in my thoughts.
    Even we had got lost from when we got married ,she was
    always in my thouhts but never called her…In that time ,I have passed through a very difficult health problem ,I felt the necessity to contact her in order to tell her how much I love her and how much she was missing me…
    I asked from her sister and I took her email.I had been planning to write a good email…An email that never been received by her..Next day she had an accident.She was died.Her sister called me and asked me I replied .And then she told me…
    This post is for her.I LOVE YOU NATASHA.
    I have learnt that LOVE must be ALWAYS expressed.
    Thank you Paulo for sharing this story with us.
    Much respect and love,

  4. Kathleen says:

    Yep. People are so much more connected than they realise. My grandmother left her homeland of Spain when she was a young teenage girl to marry and live in Egypt but for most of her life (eventually here in Australia) she had dreams of family members, if they passed on or if they had an accident or a baby etc. and eventually she would hear from them by letter a few months down the track – most of the time she was right. She knew the news in her heart first.

    Also, I’ve come to realise the connection between myself and my nephew is very strong. He often tells me things that I have seen or actually said without him knowing.

    This is why people need to treat eachother as if the whole world were their family. We really are “of one body”.

  5. marie says:

    It’s amazing how the universe speaks to you and when you allow yourself to listen

  6. sure they were good friends.