Where does love go?


  1. Serene says:

    I believe that love is always there. Sometimes we have to seek it, others we need to receive it. This video was wonderful, thanks Paulo, and I’m glad the man decided to get off the plane…

    she is a lovely lady indeed.

  2. Runa says:

    I dont know where the love has gone from my life…it was there and i was a queen and today, am just left with sands of time, slippin away fast…

  3. Claire-Line says:

    Quelle voix magnifique et que de souvenirs me sont revenus í  la mémoire. Merci beaucoup pour ce pur moment de bonheur!
    L’amour, ce grand mot que l’on utilise í  tort et í  travers… se trouve partout… il suffit d’ouvrir les oreilles, les yeux et… notre coeur.

  4. mariangela says:

    Foi muito bom recordar….
    Vi esse filme muitas vezes seguidas, tinha treze anos e morava nessa mesma rua onde moro hoje , quando o filme passou no cinema.Jamais esqueci a letra da música e por isso me esguelei de tanto cantar quando entrei aqui e vi o clip.
    Sensí­vel, emoí§í£o, tudo de bom.
    Obrigada pelo belo momento de recordaí§í£o.
    com carinho,
    Mari Raphael.

  5. paulina says:

    love goes around, if it leaves you it goes to someone else who needs it. When you need it back, it comes back to you. love is like memories, you can’t see them, but you know they are there. love is like the air we breathe, someone exhaled it, before we inhaled it…

  6. marina says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwww!How did u find that in youtube? This was the very first film i’ve seen in my life. I do not remember how or where because i was a child. But i remember vividly that i understood what love was…And as you put “where does love go?” i don’t know. I never felt that way again…Thanks for bring back those memories,

  7. Rozana says:

    It seems like today love goes in the sky with the great Luciano Pavarotti…