It’s just a question of time

By Paulo Coelho

An orthodox Jew approached Rabbi Wolf and said:

‘The bars are full to bursting and the people sit there into the small hours enjoying themselves!’

The Rabbi said nothing.

‘The bars are full to bursting, people spend all night playing cards, and you say nothing?’

‘It’s a good thing that the bars are full,’ said Wolf. ‘Everyone, since the beginning of Creation, has always wanted to serve God. The problem is that not everyone knows the best way to do so. Try to think of what you judge to be a sin as a virtue. These people who spend the night awake are learning alertness and persistence. When they have perfected these qualities, then all they will have to do is turn their eyes to God. And what excellent servants they will make!’

‘You’re obviously an optimist,’ said the man.

‘It has nothing to do with optimism,’ replied Wolf. ‘It is merely a matter of understanding that whatever we do, however absurd it might seem, can lead us to the Path. It’s all just a question of time.’

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  1. Leaf says:

    The problem is, what if you run out of time? Just a thought…

    Some come back and do it again

    I get ‘energised’ and end up back on the Enterprise, and if I have a good excuse, I’ll be ‘beamed’ back again to start where I left off…disorientating but worth it.

    to time
    there is none
    we never run out
    the path never ends

    to people
    and place
    we have no face
    save that we see
    in our friends


  2. maris says:

    Yes, I believe that whatever we do, it will lead us to the right path. It just that the path were taking now might not be the direct way leading to the right path but a transition path that would eventually lead us to the direct way going to the right path. It just a matter of time to find the direct way leading to the right path. The problem is, what if you run out of time? Just a thought…

  3. Kathleen says:

    You see, I think maybe I’m halfway between the Orthodox Jew and the Rabbi because I can see fault in playing cards all night i.e. who’s at home waiting for them, are they using money that should be for family, are they too addicted to fun and neglect responsibilty.
    But then again I listen to the Orthodox Jew and think he’s a bit of a wet blanket, why doesn’t he mind his own business, why can’t he just be happy to let people relax and have fun, maybe they worked hard all day.
    Sheesh, I can’t make up my mind.
    Kathleen xx