And the final scene of my favorite movie…


  1. Nuno Firmino says:

    Qualquer um pode viver em paz

  2. Albert Klamt says:

    Dear Paulo Coelho,

    I enjoyed this final scene too. Consider it a wonderful coincidence that I blogged something about ” For a few Dollars more” one day later.

    Thank your for your unique work and considerastions about “WArrior of Light”. I am doing these reflections in my blog, using integral perspectives for embodying the work of a warrior in the postmodern world.

    Wonderful your interview recently with Riz Khan and your release of the new book “Witch of Portobello” in Dubai. I am increasingly involved in business in Dubai in the Nexus of Mideast. Right now engaged in supporting funding of this worldclass project of higher media education in Dubai:

    Very best for you, still from Berlin,
    Albert KLamt

  3. Rozana says:

    For Rares- the name of the film is “Once upon a time in the West”. It’a a great movie, Paulo has wonderful tastes.
    By the way, your name tells me that you’re romanian…well I am too, so, vizionare placuta!

  4. Rares says:

    Please someone tell me which is the name of the movie . I will not download illegally this movie . The thing which surprised me a lot was that there is not so many words, anyone understands the scene in multi ways. It was an interesting experience . Vengeance was his .

  5. myriam says:

    Th eyes of the TIGER…. LE BON, LA BRUTE et le TRUAND….
    It’s an old movie which I saw a long long time ago…

    The eyes mirror of the SOUL….which we can recognise each other…

    Thank you Mr Coelho….

  6. Carmen Larisa says:

    What I like about this scene is that it is filmed from bottom to top, and in the background there is this view of the blue sky which gives us a sensation of freedom, of greatness…
    It is a scene in which you can’t restrain yourself from being showered by the action of the movie, and the song of the mouth organ is so fascinating!
    It seems that time doesn’t exist anymore or the actors are beyond it somehow.
    You simply cannot have any thoughts when watching the vastness of the blue sky; then the existence becomes the simple, natural “be.”

  7. rosa de los vientos says:

    Ha sido un duelo:
    ¿Ha sido un ajuste de cuentas?
    ¿Ha sido la venganza?
    ¿Ha sido la Ley del Karma?
    Como poder romper la rueda que hace que repitamos los mismos errores, que nos veamos en las mismas situaciones poniéndonos a prueba una y otra vez.
    Cuando demos con la clave, seremos libres.

  8. mariangela says:

    Todo o ví­deo é muito bacana. Mas em especial as interpretaí§íµes de Andre Rieu e principalmente do grupo Air – muito bom, alto astral,mágico, maravilhoso e o visual da japonesa tocando cí­tara( acho que é cí­tara) ficou incrí­vel, ela parecia a tampa de uma caixinha de música, que fica girando. O jeito que filmaram o clip, prá mim, deu a entender isso.Valeu, muito.
    Mari Raphael.