Hunting two foxes

By Paulo Coelho

A student of martial arts said to his teacher:

‘I would like to be a great aikido fighter,’ he said. ‘But I think I should also devote myself to judo, so that I am familiar with many different styles of fighting. That is the only way I can become the best.’

His teacher replied: ‘If a man goes into a field and starts running after two foxes at the same time, there will come a moment when the foxes will go their separate ways, and the man will be left not knowing which one to pursue. While he is pondering the problem, the foxes will be far away and he will have wasted both his time and his energy.

Anyone who wants to become a master must choose just ONE thing in which to become an expert. All else is mere cant.’

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  1. Yeray says:

    A mi me encanta hacer muchas cosas en la vida pero tengo que decidirme por una porque hay un refran que dice ” el que mucho abarca poco aprieta” además la vida te llevará por ese camino.También es bueno experimentar y hacer diferentes cosas en esta vida.Sí­ sólo te dedicas a una cosa pienso que serás un buen muy buen profesional en ese ámbito, si escoges más caminos terminarás abandonando alguno o terminarás muy estresado y no rendirás en tu trabajo . . .

  2. marie-christine says:

    what if they are all connected?

  3. myriam says:

    Félicitations Wendy, I’m really impressed…
    Bonne chance….
    une amie franí§aise, une guerrière de la Lumière


  4. Wendy Espinoza says:

    at this moment of my life… i’m learning belly dance, how to play the violin, and french all at the same time. and besides that i go to college…i’m putting all my energy and passion in every single thing i do. it is difficult but not impossible. it is jus a matter of comitment and the desire of learning one new thing or many…

  5. fLUXman says:

    bo0om paulo,
    thanks for the offer leaf_love_u_2,
    all my life have been following my heart,
    now i feel a sound from deep within mother earths core,
    its like a high pitched scream, a wail,
    the hum in aum has started, and as it gains its children thats us,
    joining together no more hunting,
    we now have the ability to grow,give birth to more than we ever need,
    so why this greed thats leading us to more greed ?
    how clear is our future, how simple to share our conciousness be together for us all in every deed indeed,

  6. Esteban says:

    life is long. we can master a number of things over that time. also, trying to master two different things at the same time that are in the same field is tough since they over lap and confusion can occur. but mastering one and moving on to the other after is definitely possible. or mastering how to fight aikido style while mastering how to speak another language is definitely possible as well.

  7. von says:

    i like the stories of paulo. it makes me stronger to face every reality in my existence. his stories leaves impressions wherein you can examine your own being and the reality im facing at this moment

  8. von says:

    the story. tells one thing focus all posiste energies on the things that you think that you can. not on the things that you cant coz it will just divert all energies into a useless end.

  9. Reema says:

    When you are old enough, indeed you understand the meaning of focus, however when you have a children, the younger he/she is the more you want him/her to explore all the possibility that this world can offer … before he can decide what he wants …

  10. Leaf says:

    Hey, Flux…
    happily floating in outer-space
    let me know if you need a lift
    I’ll sweet-talk the beloved Red Admirable and he’ll drop you off….somewhere….??….
    -)—— love ——(- ya

  11. Bravo! Reminds me of when Arjun was being taught archery and all he could see were the eyes of the target!

  12. Anna says:

    Dear Paulo!
    Hunting the foxes is what it feels like doing everyday with just life. I can´t see myself getting good at anything. No it feels like I´m running and running and if I keep running I might just get anything if I stop…nothing. Sometimes it´s hard to keep up with the smalest, easiest thing like beeing wife, friemd, woman….but when you don´t get anything back I wonder if I waste my energy and time.
    So I keep running hoping that my will is stronger than my body.

  13. fLUXman says:

    our time has come, my dears
    .reaching into the unknown ,
    ..we learn to wash our bananas,
    …before we eat them,
    ….and there is paulo,
    showing us our lights ,
    have we reached our lairs ;-),
    can you feel the magic ???
    generations of leaves earth becoming,
    the evolution of life on the mind bend,
    oh what beautiful rainbows we are,
    colours awash , sounds galore,
    just tune in and drop out,
    bo0om paulo

  14. aditya says:

    yep fluxman humanity’s time has come,
    u say u have touched the ‘cutting edge of awareness’ ! how about staying there !!!! possible ???

    I think what Paulo is saying is that it’s better to focus on one activity at a time, rather than jumping from one to another, e.g in spirituality too many people keep jumping tracks, it’s good intitially, till one finds that path which is most in tune with oneself, but once someone takes a decision that ok for the time being this appears my path, then one needs to hold on to that,whatever it takes, for a specified period, till specific physical goals ( like completing a pilgrimage ) are reached, at least.

    Paulo is right from another angle, at a given moment in time we can do only one thing. Life reveals itself to us in small measures of time, moment to moment, how we negotiate those moments, becomes the sum total of our lives.

  15. Leaf says:

    If the man followed the one fox who led to the lair, then the other fox would eventually return….and he’d have generations of foxes to keep him happy in his hunting….
    or something like that.

  16. Malladi says:

    I loved the message… it reminded me about how much I need to focus. I’m feeling like a boat tossed about in the wild seas and you have provided me motivation to find my bearings.

  17. Prasad Mothadaka says:

    That is what we call focussing on one aspect and there is very chance of meeting end results sans failure. contrary, there is no harm in multi-tasking or multiple goal approach, where there can be some successes aw well failures. The choice need to be given to individual than guiding to a single school of thought of going this way or that way.

  18. fLUXman says:

    bo0om paulo
    my only path is shiva
    the universal consciousness has awakened my friends,
    many times in my life have felt being on awareness’s cutting edge,
    today watching live twenty20 and knowing when the wicket will fall before they fell three times this happens and bo0om I feel humanity’s time has come,
    time to find our true paths whatever they be,
    love and joy to us all

  19. IN says:

    and yeah experts are overrated ;)

  20. IN says:

    One thing at the time
    We all learn many different things.
    For example if you want to write something down, you should know how to hold a pen and know the language and how the letters are written etc. But you learn these things one thing at the time.
    Just focus.
    When you hunt down a fox, and he gets captured you can chase an other fox.

  21. loer kume says:

    no paulo, i don’t think so… when someone in history did walk into different ways and give his hart to all of those ways, when he was successful, why the others can’t be?
    Da Vinci was a human, no? :)
    and, by the way, bruce Lee was maestro in too many styles, no? :)
    anyway, who knows the real power of human nature…

  22. Serene says:

    I believe…
    experts are highly overrated.

  23. aditya says:

    an ambassador is a messanger also.

  24. myriam says:

    I understand deeply the meaning of this story..
    It’s helping me to understand me in the present moment, which is a bit confuse. I have my job, my family, my lover and my spiritual famuly…

    JUDO: the art of flexibity of the body but especially of the mind.
    JUDOKA : an expert of JUDO….

    Thank you Mr COELHO

  25. aditya says:

    a warrior of light needs to grow intelligence, that it grows only by perseverance I feel and a bit of divine love I suppose.


  26. Lan Nguyen says:

    I once said to myself: put your heart to your work and keep repeat doing it many times, the times will answer when you become successful. This I noted seventeen years ago, almost as old as my age at that time. Your today story make me think whether I have chosen the right “work” to put my heart into. Thank you =)

  27. Lan Nguyen says:

    I once said to myself: Put your heart into your work and keep repeat doing it many times, the time will answer when you become successful. This I noted seventeen years ago almost as old as my age at that time and your story makes me think whether I have chosen the right “work ” to put my heart into. Thank you :o)

  28. Cristina says:

    And that’s the deal of many.