Another name

By Paulo Coelho

A man said to a friend:

‘You talk about God as if you knew him personally, down to the colour of his eyes. Why do you need to create something to believe in? Can’t you live without that?’

His friend replied:

‘Do you have any idea how the Universe was created? Can you explain the miracle of life?’

‘Everything around us is the result of chance. Things just happen.’

‘Exactly. Well, "Things just happen" is merely another name for God.’

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  1. Mimi says:

    His friend might be a monk, a priest or a scientific no???

    Thank you

  2. Marjo says:

    Things happen. And evrything in my belief don’t just happen. They were made possible by a powerful being… more powerful than computers which man has devised to surpass that One true power. In the end, man forgets that his existence did not just happen… popping out of the cosmos, but this One true power whom he denies present is the One who made him possible.

    (Pardon me Mr. Coelho for posting this daily message in my blog. I might have a few readers who may learn from this like I did as I rewrite my life – trying to find meaning in this seemingly world of meaningless monosyllables. Thank you for your understanding.)

  3. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo,

    simply said, i loved this piece. Whether you call life, a miracle, the universe, randoms things that just happen, anything, its all the work of God. What we believe, inevitably is the same thing, its either God himself and or his work. It doesn’t matter what you call him, but what matters is if you believe and if you love.

    Thank you for being.

  4. Wendy Espinoza says:

    reading this messege got me thinking again… ok i believe in God, i’m convinced of his existence. i do not know if he is just a powerful energy or if he has a phisical form like we do. i asked this question why doesn’t God let us see him? and the answer that i got even though is a valid one it didn’t convinced me. answer: but don’t you see God is everywhere he is in nature, in the eyes of a child, he manifest himself through love. i just think life would be different with God here on earth. and even though i respect everyone beliefs, i think this would be a peaceful world without no religion. or if i shoul say One religion where we all worship the same God

  5. ALI AKBKAR KHAN says:


    I shall give all my support and strenght for all who are fasting for these days of RAMADAN.
    For all theses monks who are fighting for peace in RANGOON…


  6. fLUXman says:

    nothingness is bliss,,,;-)
    every thing’s oh K,

  7. fLUXman says:

    bo0om paulo,
    there is a stream of consciousness that believe there is god in everything,
    how beautiful that we, even excluding ourself from this concept, find that all around us inanimate & animate objects is god,
    the joy it will bring, and the stress lifting away, is this heaven ???
    we ask ourselves ??
    we refuse to believe, do we ?
    thats what we are becoming, are we.?
    we its up to you to decide, believe,accept,refuse,love,go crazy,finding ourselves,fight againsr oneself,confront,giveup,givein,runawaya,meet our self somewhere out there,realize, repent for the dumbness,and lo soone nothingness will envolope you ,next to which is the infinite( god) ,and you are surrounded by the infinite, what more do we want or need , the chioce is always yours,

  8. Amanda says:

    We can sure talk about God as we knew him personally. We are a part of him.
    Things just happen is another name for God as well as another name for ourselves.

  9. hazar says:

    things just happen and miracle in life just happen for no reason and without asking and WH- question ..Maktoub is Maktoub in life and there is not any force or power that can change ” things just happen “

  10. Tarek says:

    May be the friend is a scientist!
    As a scientist my self I remember the astonished question of my Professor: But how could you be a good scientist and still believe in God?
    I think the real question should be: how could you be a scientist and do not believe In God?.
    Finally I would like to share with you what the great Sufi Master Rumi Said:

    “Beyond this world and life..
    we know there is Someone watching over us.
    To know Him is not in our power.
    But once in a glimpse..
    I saw that we are His shadow..
    and our shadow is the world”

  11. Mimi says:

    His friend might be a monk, a priest or a scientific no???

    Thank you

  12. Rose Hajian says:

    In so much uncertainty in life i suppose a certainty is the hand of God. I’ve experience very recently this notion of not knowing exactly what happened with a significant life event yet that it just happened. I am waiting patiently for my faith to return and show me that what happened was merely a “result of chance”.

  13. clarence del castillo says:

    Everyday I seek for God, and everyday He finds me.