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Paulo Coelho talks in SECC @ Glasgow – Part Nine of Eleven


Wise as you have become, with so much experience, you must already have understood what Ithacas mean. Constantine Cavafy (1863-1933) translated by Rae Dalven. — found in the novel "The Zahir: A Novel of Obsession" by Paulo Coelho.
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Athletes run, row, swim – and read

McMahon, like every Olympian, is chasing a dream, so it’s perhaps not surprising he says his favourite book is Alchemist, Paulo Coelho’s fable about a …
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Night time reading

My all-time favourite author is Paulo Coehlo. One of his first works that I read was The Alchemist. This book reminded me at a certain point in my life that …

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Encounter on 5th Avenue

By Paulo Coelho

I was just leaving St Patrick’s Church in New York when a young Brazilian came over to me.
‘It’s great to see you,’ he said, smiling. ‘There’s something I wanted to tell you.’
I was equally pleased at this encounter with a stranger. I invited him for a coffee, told him about my awful trip to Denver, and suggested that he go to Harlem on Sunday to attend a religious service there.
The young man, who was in his twenties, listened to me without saying a word.
I talked on. I said that I had just read a novel about a terrorist group that launches an attack on St Patrick’s Church, and that the author had described the scene in such detail that I had noticed many things I had never seen on previous visits. That was why I had decided to go to the church that morning.
We spent nearly an hour together, drank two coffees, and I dominated the entire conversation. Afterwards, we said goodbye, and I wished him a good trip.
‘Thanks,’ he said, moving off.
That was when I noticed the sad look in his eyes; something was wrong and I didn’t know what. Only after walking a few blocks did I realise what it was: the young man had come over to me saying that there was something he needed to talk to me about.
During the whole time we spent together, I had been in control of the situation. At no point had I asked him what he wanted to tell me; in my desire to be friendly, I had filled up all the spaces, I hadn’t allowed one moment of silence when the young man could have transformed a monologue into a dialogue.
He may have had something really important to share with me. Perhaps if I had been truly open to life at that moment, I too would have had something to give to him. Perhaps both my life and his would have changed radically after that encounter. I will never know and I am not going to torture myself with the fact that I failed to take advantage of a potentially magical moment: mistakes happen.
But ever since then, I have tried to keep alive in my memory that farewell scene and the sad look in the boy’s eyes. I was incapable of receiving what was destined for me and so was equally incapable of giving what I wanted to give, however hard I tried.

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The Alchemist Analysis

The Alchemist in Wikipedia… a wonderful tool for students!

Paulo Coelho, my favorite author

Paulo Coelho Blog. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. book Click the picture to buy the book. This is one of my all time favorite books; I’ve read it three times and bought copies to give away to my family and friends. …
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Art gallery director: Why she’s drawn to good books

Art Gallery director Shirley Madill with her book of choice, The Witch of Portobello, by Paulo Coelho.
“I have to tell you about the three I read in high …
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Always running

By Paulo Coelho

The monk Shuan was always telling his students about the importance of studying ancient philosophy. One student, known for his iron will, made a note of all Shuan’s teachings and spent the rest of the day reflecting on the ancient thinkers.
After a year spent studying, the student fell ill, but continued to attend the classes.
‘I’m going to carry on studying even though I am ill. I’m on the trail of wisdom and there’s no time to lose,’ he said to his teacher.
Shuan replied:
‘How do you know that wisdom is ahead of you and that you must run after it? Perhaps it’s walking along behind you, trying to catch up, and you, in some way, are not allowing it to do so. Just relax and let your thoughts flow, for that too is a way of achieving wisdom.’

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Normality’s inventory

Dear Readers,
I’m planning to do an inventory of normality.
I would like you to help me in listing what, in the view of society, is considered “normal” even if it may appear absurd to us.
Thank you for your collaboration on this little research of mine that I may use in a future column.

Paulo Coelho talks in SECC @ Glasgow – Part Eight of Eleven

Conversation with God

Read the article from the blog of Neale Donald Walsch.

Break your glass and fly – At Paulo Coelho’s Blog

And here you go, Paulo Coelho published a post of mine at his own blog

Link to the post

Isn’t that amazing? :)
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A Plethora of Pictures

The first of that new breed of PalmStar project is Veronika Decides to Die, a drama based on the book by Brazilian writer Paolo Coelho that rolls this …
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can’t get enough

it’s like i’ve just woken up and discovered this fabulous author Paulo Coelho. i am devouring his books at the moment. they are easy reads, i like his writing style and the content of each one of his books is speaking to me deeply.
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Value and money

By Paulo Coelho

Ciccone German tells the story of a man who, thanks to his enormous wealth and infinite ambition, decided to buy everything he possibly could. Once he had filled his many houses with clothes, furniture, cars and jewels, the man decided to buy still more things.

He bought ethics and morality, and thus was born corruption.

He bought solidarity and generosity, and indifference came into being.

He bought justice and its laws, bringing impunity into the world.

He bought love and feelings, and the result was pain and remorse.

The most powerful man in the world bought all the material goods he wanted to possess and all the values he wanted to master. Then one day, drunk on so much power, he decided to buy himself.

Despite all his money, he could not do it. At that precise moment, there was born in the consciousness of the Earth the only thing on which no one can put a price – self-worth.

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The Crazy Magician dances

This video was made by the head of my french fan club, thank you Michel!