Wings and roots

By Paulo Coelho

‘Blessed is he who gives his children wings and roots,’ says a proverb.

We need roots. There is a place in the world where we are born, where we learn a language, where we discover how our ancestors overcame their problems. At a given point, we become responsible for that place.

We need wings. They show us the endless horizons of the imagination, they carry us towards our dreams, they lead us to distant places. They are the wings that allow us to know the roots of our fellow human beings and to learn from them.

Blessed is he who has wings and roots, and wretched is he who only has one of the two.

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  1. Marie-Christine says:

    this is starting to sink in more and more .
    I remember discussing this with a foreigner a while ago we both believed that there comes a time in your life where you have to go back to the place you come from. It is only natural.

  2. rummy says:

    las raizes son las que nos dan las alas,
    y las alas son las que nos llevan a nuestros raizes,
    las raizes nos hacen soñar con volar,
    y las halas nos hacen querer las raizes

  3. Marie-Christine says:

    that’s the reason why it is important to know your family history.

  4. Marmara says:

    I was blessed with wings and roots…

  5. Anabel says:

    Hola a tod@s, quizá podrí­a hacer el esfuerzo de escribir en inglés, así­ más gente podrí­a leer este mensaje, pero realmente hoy no me siento bien. Otra batalla más perdida en el amor, otra ilusión más que se voló, que duró es buscar el amor. A veces estoy tan cansada, lamentablemente el hecho de no poder encontrar el amor, el verdadero amor, la otra mitad, no me deja disfrutar las otras cosas. Tampoco me puedo conformar con amores pasajeros. Tengo la fé que hay alguien esperando por mí­, pero a veces cuesta tanto, como hoy, cuando escribo esto. No sé si enojarme con ella, si enojarme conmigo misma, si enojarme con todo el mundo, o llorar y llorar o quizá tratar de hacer como si nada pasó. Pero no puedo, necesito gritar fuerte para ver si alguien me escucha, para ver si esa persona que me espera puede sentir mi llamado. Sin amor no vivo, y si no vivo muero, antes de morir….

  6. cuando te refieres atener;dosla guente no entiende a gue te refieres ;unguerrero sabe de gue hablas;nesesitas las dos para viajar acasa ;y eso solo lo consigues enel sueno naces con las dos y en el camino pierdes .una la guente tiene gue leer;el manual del guerrero;para poder entenderte;dichosos;los gue entienden el mensaje;pues ellos son los esgojidos; caminante no hay camino se hace camino al andar ;y nosotros emos caminados mucho; haora buscamos;y te emos encontrado ati ;el lavon;gue fartaba;gue inporta lo gue los demas piensen si tu mensaje por fin llega adonde tiene gue llegar;adelante guerrero ;tus frechas’por fin estan llegando’ concarino de esta boricua de puerto rico gue te ha encontrado y no te sortara pues eres mi puerta;ami destino grasias y gue digan gue estamos locos gue no sabemos de gue hablamos ;ya todos veran ypon por favor las palabras gue dios dijo a moises ;en la quinta montana ;;no tengaismiedo’ grasias por el momento y cuando guieras usar tus alas vuela en el sueno y debajo;del grancristo del brasil alli;me encontraras;’sinpecado fue consebida ;eresel lider de la conecsion dl internet gue dios te bendiga y a mi tambien

  7. fLUXman says:

    bo0om paulo,….
    fly, fly dear paulo,
    you’ve given wings ,
    to us all ,
    the eternal spring,
    that we are,
    rooted around ,
    these moments,
    so precious,
    the moments,
    that you share,
    with us all.
    thank you oh sage,
    your trance , your light
    forever is what you are,
    love to you….all,

  8. Yanilsa says:

    This is a really good massage. We all need roots and wings. But most importantly we need to learn how to balance the two so one does not eradicated the other, since both are vital to our being; wonderful massage to be passing along to humanity.

  9. Cassandra says:

    I found this one hard to swallow…what if your means in life do not allow you to have both. It may be truth but it isnt always that easy.

  10. Meire says:

    Paulo,lendo hoje “Wings and roots” i think that at this moment, they are your angels in the “net”:
    Mary Raphael- sensata e muito sensí­vel
    Fernanda Fernandes-filósofa
    Cláudia Fanaia-experiíªncia pessoal,escreve muito bem
    Dom Morais – poeta
    Isabel- reflexiva, altruí­sta e doce
    Yajna e Aditya- ambas determinadas e sérias.Se voí§íª precisar de alguém para acertar o alvo é só falar com elas…poim…
    Serene-calma como o nome.Diria até, querubim.Ainda dias atrás ela escreveu somente” so sad” like a child…
    Hildegarde- direta, sem rodeios
    Rosa de los vientos- romí¢ntica, sonhadora.Provavelmente nasceu na Espanha por acaso,porque é bem brasileira
    FluXman-analista,um verdadeiro detetive
    Leaf-sí­mbolo da paz e do amor!Democrático(a)
    Amo tudo o que voí§íª e eles escrevem!!Sempre leio antes de sair para o trabalho ou í  noite antes de dormir.Very good…

  11. Serene says:

    blessed in she indeed!


  12. Kishen Raj says:

    Excellent message on roots and wings. This will give birth to the perfect individual, perfect culture, to a people rich in inner values and in outer achievements .. to fulfill their own dreams.. a harmony in life.

    Sorry to your cousin. May the Supreme light blessed his soul


  13. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo,

    This is a story which i find has alot of truth. A child needs solid roots, family to always fall back on, but at the same time one needs freedom to discover himself and strive for his dreams. Its always a disaster when you have one and not the other. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Many people are not happy because they’ve not got a foundation to help them at times, while others feel trapped or rather confined and are unable to discover who they are. My cousin, more like my brother, was in a situation of the latter. His entire life, he adhered to his parents wishes, he followed what society wanted, not what he did, and lets just say, his mother was very controlling, and things go very bad after his father passed away. She held him in a cocoon and refused to let go. Many other factors were involved here, but basically if he was free, if he had some sort of freedom from the start, he would probably be alive today.

    Thank you for being.

  14. Nancy says:

    The first time I heard this proverb truth rang lound and clear. I think this message should be translated to every language, and handed out to parents with a new born baby. Maybe it would have more people doing things that they love, and fear less of the unknown.

  15. Leaf says:

    I would not have a clue what you are talking about, Paulo, if i had not roots and wings to give, which have been given to you, to give, to us all, who take who you are to give back what you are, which is , you…and us, who make you who you are…..Love