Just passing through

By Paulo Coelho

An American tourist went to Cairo to visit the famous Polish rabbi Hafez Ayim. The tourist was surprised to see that the rabbi lived in a simple, book-lined room, in which the only pieces of furniture were a table and a bench.
‘Rabbi, where’s all your furniture?’ asked the tourist.
‘Why, where’s yours?’ retorted Hafez.
‘Mine? But I’m just passing through.’
‘So am I,’ said the rabbi.

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  1. Marie-Christine says:

    That appeals to me

  2. Yaro says:

    a great story and it cought my attention because I am now writing a book about love and the “passing through” of our relationships in life.

  3. maryam says:

    you are the best coelho, your words touching the exact spot where we need to be touched. GOD bless you.

  4. Marta says:

    so gostaria de saber se realmente líª todas as mensagens que lhe enviam e como seria possivel contacta-lo. mto obrigada

  5. Bettolina says:

    Anch’io passavo di qui e questa considerazione mi ha molto colpita…grazie…

  6. Bea says:

    I think it’s true but we can’t think we’re ONLY passing through… our shares, our feelings, can influence the life of other pepople, and sometimes we need a thing that remeber us that it is possible…

  7. cerstaine says:

    Mustafa Suphi Yilmaz
    thank you very very much!(,”) hehe..guess i was too engrossed in reading paulo’s stuff that i failed to notice it.thanks!:)

  8. Yanilsa says:

    It is a true massage; I still struggle to learn the meaning of it. Thank you for refreshing my memory.

  9. IN says:

    It’s funny to read this now, because yesterday I was passing the house of my neighbour and it was full of little small things. Experience collectables. I used to do that too until I decided to throw everything away. At first I was nervous but then I realised that I shouldn’t hold on to these things. Because every important lesson I have learned is in my mind and heart. I felt a lot lighter after that.
    Life is short and we’re passing through.
    Tomorrow is tomorrow and not now so tomorrow does not exist.
    Yesterday is no longer more.

  10. Master of Universe says:

    ‘Rabbi, where’s all your MIND?’ asked the tourist.

    ‘Why, where’s yours?’ retorted Hafez.

    ‘Mine? But I’m just passing through.’

    ‘So am I,’ said the rabbi.

  11. Gosia (Tonffillka) says:

    I think you can call it SMS (short message service) :) It’s short but it contains everything. Thank you for all your work… I’m reading now “Ser como o rio que flui…” and i’m impressed…i understood that i don’t have to look for wisdom only in books…i can find it everywhere – outside the window, inside of me – all i have to do is look :) So thank you for opening my eyes :)

  12. Angad Sodhi says:

    So true.
    Why do we keep accumulate so much furniture when we are just passing by!

    Great Thought Sir.

  13. Isyaias says:

    Nice to meet you online. I ever read your articles on our local weekly magazine.
    Thanks for all of this. It inspire my days.
    God be with us.

  14. aditya says:

    So true.
    Kathleen xx

    as she said it, so true ! now that we have read it, found it resonate with us, will we be able to live with this simple truth all our lives, why not ?

    So many responses / so many visits , by so many people, yet no one attempts to at least refer to this direct question, r we listening ? remember truth is damn there right in front of our eyes and we go on missing —– like she says in a song ‘like this’.


  15. Mady says:

    sure I did! :)

  16. Mady says:

    one day, the passenger was travelling by subway. a mother and her little boy got up. mother told the child: you must learn to stand up, there is no free place for you. her voice was harsh.
    the passenger left her place and invite the child to sit; mother refused: “he must learn to stand”.
    the passenger said: “he must learn also to accept what life offers for free”.
    mother nodded with a smile and the boy sat down.

  17. Supreet says:

    So We All Are……

  18. Julio Mena says:

    Don Coelho
    Estoy consiente que usted recibe muchos correos de gente que desea compartir sus experiencias vividas después de leer sus libros, y para sorpresa, este correo no es la excepción , me gustarí­a contarle como sus mensajes de vida se convierten en realidades y se manifiestan en la gente que conozco, pero se que no es tan fácil debido a la cantidad de anécdotas que recibe parte de sus lectores de todas partes del mundo, es por eso que nada mas me resta felicitarle y desearle a usted un prospero futuro, ya que se lo merece, pues es una persona que tiene un talento muy lindo y delicado al igual que todo ser humano, espero algún dí­a poder descubrir a plenitud los mí­os para poder alcanzar mi leyenda personal (como usted dirí­a) … bendiciones y a seguir viviendo !!!!

  19. Myzpax says:

    I love your blog. For your stories and for meeting people from all over the world.

    Love, love, love


  20. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo


    Thank you for being. *wink*

  21. Celia says:

    My precious soul,

    Just Beautiful

    love, love,love,love


  22. fLUXman says:

    bo0om paulo,
    bo0om fellow warriors of light,
    born are we full of light ,
    a vibration of energy that we are,
    a resonance when we meet ,
    a tresonance when god we feel
    the mushroom magic of our mind,
    each evolution a revolution,
    aum turning into hum ,

  23. Mustafa Suphi Yilmaz says:

    Dear Cerstaine,
    You can find the link “Daily Messages” at the left sidebar or just follow this link below.
    Have a nice day,

  24. cerstaine says:

    yah.. we must live a simple life bcoz we are just passing through in this world…

    where can i find the other daily message?!
    pls give me a link..
    thanks in advance :)

  25. namrata says:

    the words true to da core…..bt wht is really needed is to dwell upon thm and contemplate…..as to bring the messege in practise……..its all an illusion…but whenevr we ll be able to realise ths……i think ths wld really solve the problems……..

  26. aditya says:

    So true.
    Kathleen xx

    as she said it, so true ! now that we have read it, found it resonate with us, will we be able to live with this simple truth all our lives, why not ?

  27. Rosemary Nnamdi-Okagbue says:

    Your books are capitivating and my daughter has become your big fan

  28. Rosemary Nnamdi-Okagbue says:

    Life is well described by that statement, we are going passing through….on transition. This is cleaer for me each time I travel and leave all my stuff at home and still have a good life with very little thus confirming the statement all the more. We do not need so much to be happy just Love and a pure open heart and mind.

  29. pijana_powietrzem says:

    and there’s nothing left to say

  30. Yes, it is a path – un camino – that we are passing through. But even knowing that, my soul just gets to yearning, wanting to be touched in all manner – physical spiritual mentally. Even the dreams are lonely. I know to be touched, I need to touch and to be open and receptive. I don’t know if I am. Still I continue.
    Senor Paulo, from my heart I thank you, I continue to return to the (your) Warrior where I am touched, and I continue… il camino

  31. Kathleen says:

    So true.
    Kathleen xx

  32. :)

    GREAT message, Paulo! Thank you!
    A blessed and happy weekend, to you and your loved ones!
    BEIJO in your heart!
    Love & Light!

    Marta ;)

  33. Wendy Espinoza says:

    this is a simple yet extraordinary message.
    we live in such a materialistic world. we get attached to things and we give great importance to them. we can not live without them,we always want more. if we don’t get them or lose them with get frustrated. and the arrogant in order to show others their success will accumulate a great deal of material things, they live surounded with beautiful things and those that makes them happy? sadly, yes. well not everyone though.
    some will feel empty even though they have everything. that is why i think this is a beautiful message. because we are only passing through this life and when we die we wont take anything with us.