Presentation in FIFA (World Cup 2014)

Brazil will host The 2014 FIFA World Cup!
You can read more in Reuters UK.
You can also see my presentation (in Portuguese) below.


  1. Brunao says:

    Agora sim vai ter futebol de verdade

  2. Enhorabuena a ti Paulo a Marta fron Brazil a Marcia y todos los brasileños por conseguir esto, es una vendición del Cielo siempre que se consigue algo para el propio pais o para la propia cuidad donde vivimos.
    Enhorabuena a todos los jugadores brasileños que han jugado en el Depor mi equipo.
    Suerte y buen juego.

    1. Jennifer Gibbin says:

      The Vuvuzela is an annoying plastic trumpet that is constantly blown at all soccer/football matches in South Africa. It sounds like a deafening mix of angry elephants trumpeting, a swarm of buzzing bees and a fog horn. What can we do? Go to and Vote!!! Tell your friends and family to do so too. It is our intention to submit these votes to the relevant authorities who can do something about it. Together we can make our 2010 World Cup the best experience for all.

  3. Paula says:

    Dear Friends,

    here’s the translation of Paulo’s discourse:

    “I’m here not to speak of Brazil’s economic improvements, of our big social improvements. That’s not why I’m going to talk. I’m going to say that today is the day where a victory has started, a victory that will last. Seven years [from] today we will be able to live up to our emotions. What we can identify in the Brazilian football squad we are going also to be able to identity among the Brazilian people: the capacity to work together. That’s what the football players do in the field. They are all working for one aim. Brazilians work hard. Brazilians will work hard to meet this challenge. We have also the capacity to dream and, most of all, to be creative.

    So [to] bring the right to host the Cup to Brazil also means [to] awaken this emotion. We have won five times a World Cup. But this emotion is still alive, despite the fact that we won five times. Our relationship with football is very particular. I’ve seen people spend five years discussing a match. I’ve seen people discussing for five hours a match, but I’ve never seen someone discussing a sexual relationship for five hours. So I can tell you that the emotion created by football lasts longer than the emotion created by sexual relationships. I’m not saying that one is better is the other. I’m just saying that one lasts longer than the other.

    And, from now on, if FIFA decides to grant us this honor, I can reassure you, Mister President, Joseph Blatter, that you will be able to count on us, and you will see that we will be as disciplined as our football players. We will be as creative. We will work in a team as our players do. And as Brazilians we will honor our commitments.”

    Have a great day!

  4. Dear Paulo,

    Really nice to see you on TV and happy that the WC will be held in Brazil. I am from Bangalore, India and I really appreciate what you write. You tell the most profound things with the simplest of words. I’ve read almost 7-8 books of yours and recently bought The Witch of Portobello although I would finish reading THE Pilgrimage before starting that book.
    Sports/Football like your books/teachinsg has the power to join and heal hearts.
    Good luck to you and keep the faith!


  5. Rosalba says:

    Ciao Paulho, sono una tua fan italiana fin dai tempi de “L’alchimista”.
    Trovo che tu sia un grande scrittore, capace di penetrare l’animo umano in profondití  per scoprirne i limiti e le risorse. E cií² non è da tutti.
    Ho letto tutto d’un fiato il tuo ultimo romanzo “La strega di Portobello” e ora aspetto con ansia il tuo prossimo, che spero arrivi presto.
    Con infinita ammirazione. Rosalba ^_^

  6. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo,

    Congrats! This will do wonders for your country. The 2010 world cup will be held here in South Africa, where i am, typing this message.. Lol.. When are you coming to South Africa Paulo? If you do, will you visit me? I’l show what its really like to live here :)
    love you lots!

    Thank you for being.

  7. mariangela says:

    Orgulhoso do seu paí­s e de ser brasileiro, suas palavras enalteceram a todos nós brasileiros, através do seu carinho e com bom humor.
    Valeu !
    Mari Raphael.

  8. B.L. says:

    Congratulations Brazil!

  9. Roseli says:

    Hello Paulo,

    Despite of I liked the speech, I could only agree that the emotion of football is larger than a sex for men, because I have heard many women keeping the emotion of sex for days …
    Any way, it could be something for a reflexion.

  10. Usha Rane says:


    Your expression about the brazilian mindset was most apt. They live, eat, drink, think and dream football. I belong to Goa and somehow always feel close to Brazil.


  11. Me reí­ un montón con esta comparación, la que hiciste en el discurso. Gracias Paulo por ese buen humor y nos haces participar de el.
    Arriba Brazil, esta vez Brazil gana, gana ya teniendote a ti como Padrino.
    Un hombre que valora sus raizes y por donde quiera que vaya se enorgullece de ellas y por donde quiera que pase ayuda a su pueblo a crecer, es un hombre completo, es un hombre de Dios, es un hombre de bien, un hombre capaz de hacer que todo evolucione a su alrrededor.
    Desde aqui le digo a todos los Brasileños que deben estar orgullosos de ti, como el dicho es que “Nadie es profeta en su tierra” desde aquí­ España estamos orgullosos de ti Paulo.
    Enhorabuena Brazil, enhorabuena a todos los Brasileños.

  12. Claudio says:

    E foi muito bem recebida na imprensa brasileira a ótima (e espirituosa) tirada do Paulo. :) Parabéns!

  13. Albert Klamt says:

    Dear Paulo,

    Congrats from Germany! We experienced last year this cheerful explosion of emotions in Germany too. It was overwhelming for me. Not since the fall of the wall in 1989 so much ecstatic collective feeling was expressed here.

    Your statements at Wolfgang Harrers ZDF Online Project about “German Dream” really, really was on spot!

    Thanks Paulo for igniting again the spaks of emotion, of dreaming and the courage to live the dream. No matter where, when and in which form.

    Very best, from Berlin
    Albert Klamt

  14. Tanja says:

    Enorabuena! Me encanta ver los brasileños futbolistas cuando juegan en los campeonates mundiales. Siempre son mis favoritos. Me gustarí­a ver Serbia y Brasil en el final. Tenemos jugadores jovenes que son fantasticos. Ya veréis :)

    Besos de Belgrado,

  15. Naghmeh says:

    Dear Paulo,
    This daily message really impressed me. I try to deal with my problems always like that and it works. Sharing problems is also another thing that helps me to solve them. How we can expect people know our problems while we don’t even want to ask? And also I think we should specify the limited time for solving problems and attack it head on as you’ve mentioned before in the porcelain vase and the rose.
    I always enjoy your stories and your novels as well. You are one of the most powerful motivators in my life (sometimes I forward them to my friends as well).
    Thank you

  16. mariangela says:

    Oi Paulo !

    Com sua presení§a lá na suií§a, representando o Brasil, certamente, já teremos muita sorte para ganharmos a copa de 2014.
    Vamos torcer !
    Mari Raphael

  17. marina says:


  18. Very good nice for Brasil. I’m an italian boy (young writer)…Good Night!

  19. Enhorabuena a ti Paulo a Marta fron Brazil a Marcia y todos los brasileños por conseguir esto, es una vendición del Cielo siempre que se consigue algo para el propio pais o para la propia cuidad donde vivimos.
    Enhorabuena a todos los jugadores brasileños que han jugado en el Depor mi equipo.
    Suerte y buen juego.

  20. Svenja says:

    great! but I don’t think Austria will qualify ;o)