I am part of the land

By Paulo Coelho

The wars between the conquerors of the American West and the Indians grew ever more violent. Shortly before he died, the father of Chief Joseph (1840-1904) called him to his side.
‘My son, my body will soon return to Mother Earth,’ he said. ‘When I leave, this land is your inheritance. I am not leaving money or wealth, and the power you receive from me is not a motive for pride, but a responsibility. I leave in your hands our people and the ground that you walk on; I hope you will prove worthy of the task. Soon the white men will have us completely surrounded and they will try to buy our Mother. Remember that my body lies there and that I am part of Her.’
Joseph took his father’s hand, pressed it to his breast and promised never to sell the land.
The white men tried to buy the land, and the chief refused to sell. The conflict grew ever bloodier, and Joseph led his army into battle against the American soldiers. When he was captured, he was asked why he was fighting to defend a lost cause.
‘A man does not sell his father’s bones,’ he said.

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  1. Mara says:

    Whose land is it in the first place ? Can The MOther be bought and sold ?

    The whole idea of owning land is ridiculous and fighting over land ridiculous too.

    I do like the idea of ” my body lies there and I am part of Her.'(the Mother )

  2. El hombre blanco cometió muchos errores en America, impuso lo suyo por la fuerza sin tener en cuenta otras culturas y la cultura de los indios tiene mucho que enseñarnos sobre todo a amar a la tierra y su respeto por la naturaleza, su lectura de las señales, la contemplación y la biosimbiosis con todo su entorno.
    Nosotros llegamos arrasamos y aún lo seguimos haciendo en todo el planeta, no hemos tenido en cuenta el equilibrio, cada vez que un árbol se corta el desierto avanza y con ello los cambios en el clima.
    Entiendo perfectamente a Chief Joshes porque uno debe amar las raizes a las cuales pertenece.
    Un beso Paulo, me gustó un montón.

  3. Gladys says:

    One People one earth…. People seem so caught on all the crap of “making money” “being successful” that they forget that the most important thing is taking care of OUR earth and it belongs to EVERYONE~ It is everybody’s responsibility to care for the earth… We are starting to see the results of all the neglect towards earth and it wont get better until “WE” decide to make the change … Governments are more concerned with pumping oil and taking it from far away lands, building borders like the Berlin Wall. But it really does no good for me to sit here typing and complaining about everything that is wrong… If anyone is touched by this story and really cares, it is time to start acting, electing good leaders for the world and seeing every other human being as Humans from the SAME MOTHER EARTH, it does not matter if you are white, white, indian or asian…. Ancient cultures left a lot of knowlege for all of us and we have it in our hands to change the world … so NOW is the time to do something about it ..
    Nice Story

  4. Meire says:

    Paulo, todos os seres humanos possuem energia da terra,água,animais,vegetais,do sol,da lua e das estrelas,em seus corpos materiais.Quando morremos estamos devolvendo primeiro í  Mí£e Terra a energia que ela nos doou durante nossa última existíªncia.Outras vidas virí£o…outras doaí§íµes também.Be happy boy!!!

  5. Jermaine Shoulders from Los Angeles says:

    America, full of bloody crimes from times past. American slavery (of which I am descendant), will forever be the chink in the armor, the bloody stain that cannot be wiped away by apologies and loop-holed laws. The genuine love that existed in the hearts of the natives was the same that existed in the negro slave. And we both paid a price for it. We understood that we had to love and protect, cherish and revere the mother earth. We undertood the one great God oversaw us all and gave us a divine duty-to honor and respect Him and to love your fellow man. Through decimation and assimilation, we’ve forgotten and the ways of the elders (negro slave and native alike), were rendered irrelevant. And because of this, we all suffer. The conquered and the conquerer alike, suffer.

  6. John says:

    I think the native is fighting the good fight – pursuing with love and vigour that which he holds dear. In an environment where life is built around love for nature, family and the spirit the invading white mand must have seemed like the devil incarnate.

    It must have been a terrible change to accept that a life rich with nature and love should give way to one of greed, hierarchy and outright facism.

    I think that is really sad that such values have all but dissappeared from our society and wonder whether the same thing would happen if we disciovered the Americas again tomorrow.

    What we have learned after all this time is the measure of our development?

  7. Serene says:

    is true.

    I read your poster on myspace, about your sharing your friends’ concerns about “love is not a priority” and “ADD”. how is your blog a discussion of these things…?

  8. Brandon Timothy Mark Sweat says:

    “The natives noticed that when they killed the white man in battle two spirits rose from his being, one of light and another of dark. Since the white man was not all bad the natives decided to retreat and give the white man the land. There would always me more land.”

    -I can’t find the book that this quote arose from, but these words struck me when I read them and have always stuck with me. Since I do have a sorted mixture of blood both native and a variety of white men.

    B.B. Silver Mystic Wolf

  9. Leaf says:

    Please, Paulo, this is my question, which I need to answer…
    does it make any difference to not fight, but give it for free, that which is asked??
    ie, my story??
    which include not only me but my mother earth and father god (?) and you and all who read it here?? or tread on it like the white man on indian soil…who owns whom? who sells whom?? does the earth have a price?? does a mother?? or father god?? have a price??
    and what of our daughters?? and sons, who were once given away fora price?? was it ever enough??
    Love in a mist ??

  10. Romina says:

    i think that is always the same, the people are bad…