The eternal malcontent

By Paulo Coelho

Shanti was travelling from town to town, preaching the Divine word, when a man came to him hoping that he would cure his ills.
‘Work, eat and praise God,’ Shanti told him.
‘When I work, my back hurts. When I eat, I get indigestion. When I drink, my throat burns. When I pray, I don’t feel that God is listening to me.’
‘Then find another teacher.’
The man left in disgust. Shanti remarked to those who had heard the conversation:
‘He had two possible ways of looking at things and he always chose the worst one. When he dies, he’ll probably complain about how cold it is in his grave.’

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  1. Marie-Christine says:

    it’s all in the word
    mal content
    mal unwell
    content happy
    Depending on the choice u make you can work out the other word i am sure or u can go hiking in nature then, when you are tired u can use a tent and watch the **********
    I hope you like the content ah ah ah:)
    Have a nice evening
    with love

  2. it is all about how we see things

  3. Anne says:

    Personally, i think everything in life is a matter of choice. Who we are, what we are and how we felt(emotion-happy or sad) are the results of the relentless choices we made unwittingly.

    We are who we choose to be.

  4. Marmara says:

    Sometimes the teacher exist to change this point of views!

  5. Angad Sodhi says:

    So very true!!
    Nice, sweet little story. Some people just don’t see the bright things in life. We must try not to be like that man.

    QUOTE:When he dies, he’ll probably complain about how cold it is in his grave.


  6. Annette says:

    What you give is what you get.

  7. Fou says:

    When we know better, we do better. That poor man was trapped in the darkness of ignorance and probably depression. Shanti should have explained the ill in addition of giving the medicine. That’s what real teaching is about.

    Much love


  8. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo

    lol, nice story. I liked it. She’s right though- in life there are always two ways to look at things. Negativitly or Positively. It is amazing how important the role of your attitude is when approaching any sitution. You can achieve so much more by just being calm and looking on the bright side of things. The power of thought is also incredible. Everyone has the power to do anything he or she desires. Even somone who is ill, he or she can better his health with a postive attitude and prayer- its just about believing. In fact in any sitution, this can be applied.

    This man should be grateful he even has a job and food to eat. Many in people in this world do not even have that much- and as for prayer, God always listens. And he speaks to us in many ways, we just have to look around us to notice his response.

    Thank you for being

  9. IN says:

    Half full, half empty
    I think that person is too blind to see, that his own faults are caused by him. That is painfull (trust me, I know) but well it changes your view if you overcome that blindness

  10. IN says:

    Half full, half empty

  11. Kathleen says:

    I think everyone knows someone like that lol
    That no matter what you tell them they will always find the negative in it.
    Kathleen xx