I’m dying of hunger

By Paulo Coelho

The traveller arrived at the monastery in the middle of a snowstorm.
‘I’m dying of cold and hunger and have no way of earning my livelihood, but I need to eat.’
It so happened that, on that very day, the storm had prevented the monks from restocking the pantry, and they had absolutely nothing to eat or drink. Touched by the man’s plight, the Abbot opened the tabernacle and removed from it the consecrated hosts and the chalice of wine and offered them to the man to eat.
The other monks were horrified.
‘That’s sacrilege!’
‘Why?’ replied the Abbot. ‘You have heard how David ate the bread from the tabernacle when he was hungry, and, when necessary, Christ healed people on the Sabbath. I am merely putting the spirit of Jesus into action: love and mercy can now do their work.’

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  1. fLUXman says:

    bo0om paulo,
    well god made us all , and everything we would ever need. it is us who are misusing and grabbing others food. if we look around the world , we have enough for everyone, then what is this sin being committed that so many are being deprived of their god’s due.
    why are we lugging around so much thrash and what does not belong to us.
    the draught in america, is a sign of how imbalanced the world is.
    how we made it.
    why are we lugging around containers
    weighing so much empty. all that fuel wasted in lugging around all that excess.we should invent webbing like the spiders.we should all try to be self sufficient and eco-friendly thats the greatest gift one could ever give god.

  2. Mara says:

    The AbBot was a really wise man. A bit like Mother Theresa. The situation called for action and took action in line with Christian teachings . Love in Action.

    This story reminds me of the Buddhist story of one monk carrying a woman across the river even though it is against their customs. When reproached by one of the other monks he replies ” I left the woman on the other side of the river – but you are still carrying her ”

    Good story – thank you for sharing.

  3. Ornel says:

    Desearí­a participar en la pelí­cula de las brujas de Portobelo- Sin embargo, no entiendo lo que explican en Ingles. Podrí­an tener una información en español por favor. Eso darí­a más oportunidad y no solo la información y detalles estarí­a distribuida a la comunidad anglosajona. Gracias

  4. Ans says:

    Feed the hungry indeed! Brave of this Abbot. But if he really wanted to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, he just could have turned water into wine and multiplied the bread. Then not only the hungry man, but all the monks would have a feast never to forget.

  5. fyle says:

    This is like the passage in The witch of potobello where Athena left the church and encountered Jesus or was it quoted by a priest (forgive me i forgot) that if Jesus were alive today He would comfort Athena by saying “My child even I wasn’t allowed in there for a long time.” (pertaining to the church beacuse of its prejudice againts things out of the norm)
    Today we get so engrossed in the upholding the traditions that we often forget the essence and the message of what we practice. :)…God is my anchor (–,)v

  6. Cristina says:

    Las leyes no deben subyugar al hombre, sino servirle.