Favour Bank

… you are half-happy and half-sad, neither frustrated not fulfilled. You’re neither cold not hot, you’re lukewarm, and as an evangelist in some holy book says ‘Lukewarm things are not pleasing to the palate." – The Zahir, Paulo Coelho.
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  1. Player Profiles says:

    You you could change the post subject title Favour Bank Paulo Coelho’s Blog to something more catching for your content you write. I liked the blog post all the same.

  2. MARCUS says:

    Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing …

  3. […] a favor  bank, or in this case a Retwit bank or Twitbank for short. The concept of favor bank is not new (I love this one in particular). Paulo Coehlo even mentioned the concept in his book The […]