Does the teacher suffer if he has bad disciples?

By Paulo Coelho

A disciple said to Firoz:
‘The mere presence of a teacher inevitably attracts all kinds of inquisitive people, eager to discover something to their own advantage. Could that prove prejudicial to the teacher or a negative influence? Could that not turn the teacher from his path or cause him to suffer because he failed to teach what he intended to teach?’
Firoz, the Sufi master, replied:
‘The sight of a pineapple tree laden with fruit awakens the appetite of everyone who passes by. If someone chooses to eat more than his fill, he will end up consuming too many pineapples and will suffer the consequences. The owner of the tree doesn’t get indigestion though. It is the same thing with the Search. The path must be open to all, but God determines what limits to place on each individual.’

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  1. marie-christine says:

    I believe it strenghens the teacher

  2. Damien says:

    Love, love is a long long road
    Love is the way back home
    to where you belong.

    Love all along the way

  3. fLUXman says:

    well my dear everyone,
    bo0om paulo,
    here is a magic that will cut you free from want and desire,
    if you really want something , then visualize it in your mind , keep at this image or smell or flavor and soon things around you will plot and pro create what ever is needed. the tough part being the energy you are able to put into the want.
    just dont forget that if you wish for more than what you truly deserve then that many people will have to be deprived of their natural synthisis of their energy for you.
    have fun and a great new year,

  4. A.V.C. says:

    The teacher is responsible for his actions, like everybody else.

    Certainly he will have to bear the consequences of different people eating the fruits that he offers?

  5. dee says:


    i believe and love God but am still on my journey to finding my purpose. i know the answer is within me but the search is needed so i will grow. along the journey i have fallen in love with a man to whom i gave everything to (thus breaking a vow i made with God). after a couple of years, we broke up. i eventually found a new love. a love (im sure) that i’ve been waiting for. i prayed hard for a sign if he’s the one and God gave me more than’s definitely (i thought) a love to last forever. but then he left me when he found out i already lost my virginity. he’s a christian so we are of different religion. i’m asking God for answers but although He listens to my cries and sees my pain, he isn’t answering me yet. or is this silence the answer? do you think that God would punish a human who sincerely repents because of breaking a vow with Him? thank you for keeping in touch with your fans and i hope to hear from you.

  6. Tania Chilby says:

    So True Indeed! But God pineapples are so delicious, but if you are a true teacher nothing throws you off your truth, you weather the storms and the rain and hail are often sent to test… Everything is determined by God but we also are creators of our own destiny ! God knows I am creating a great/wise pineapple tree,but that is so I can give it to all the other trees who are hungry …if our intentions are good and pure in heart only to help those in need then it is in Gods hands …Blessings Tania

  7. agnieszka says:

    Dear Paulo,
    As You wrote before, if we want to be free, we should open our hearts, and do not be affraid.
    If we trust in God though we should know that everything what we do, where we go, will be guided by Him/Her.
    So, if we go wrong way and go too far – we will be stopped sooner or later,
    why? –
    because God loves us.
    Discovering and searching is helpfull in order to get answers, to find the way.
    I’m catholic, but I never stopped looking in every possible way to find answers, and I think it helped me to believe even more.
    Even if you’re raised certain way, it shouldn’t mean that you will stop thinking.
    It is so fascinating to find your own way to the unknown, to God,
    not based on any religion, and enjoying every moment of this search.