The exorcism

By Paulo Coelho

A man called in a priest to perform an exorcism in his house. He then went to stay in a hotel and left the priest to his work.
The priest spent a few days sleeping in the haunted house. He sprinkled holy water in all the rooms, said prayers, and, when he judged his task to be done, he summoned the owner, saying that the results had been fantastic.
‘How many demons did you exorcise?’ the owner asked.
‘And how many did you see in my house?’
‘Then how can you say that the results were fantastic?’
‘When one is fighting the forces of evil, then none is more than enough.’

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  1. agnieszka says:

    Dear Aditya,
    “if one is fighting the forces of evil then none is more than enough”

    If there’s even the slightest thought of the evil,
    we should fight it right away.
    Even the idea of that thought can start the whole process.

    This priest knew, that because this man has called him – it was for a reason.
    We don’t need to touch, see or feel something to know it exists.
    Just a tiny seed of thought can produce the whole crop of consequences.
    Whole crop of evil.
    The same with good – it can grow, it can be contagious,
    depends how we wanted it to be.

    The good and the bad can grow high no matter which they are, because they exist no matter what,
    but it’s up to us which one we let to dominate.


  2. Samya says:

    I don’t really understand fully.
    Does it mean that we are not supposed to go off searching for evil?
    Or that fighting evil really wearies us?
    Enlighten us, Paulo!

  3. Kathleen says:

    ‘When one is fighting the forces of evil, then none is more than enough.’

    I don’t quite get it.

    Does that mean that he has put a lot of effort into nothing? That in fact he’s not fighting evil he is fighting the perception of evil and that takes a lot of work in itself.

    Kathleen xx

  4. Yza says:

    I have a deep thought about the last line of the story: ‘When one is fighting the forces of evil, then none is more than enough.’ Well… claiming the power that God imparts to his human creation: a power over Evil, this is absolutely true. What’s only needed is for us to truely desire it and act upon it!

  5. bryan says:

    just found your blog

    surely id be back


  6. aditya says:

    How can u fight evil, for it actually is not, it is in your own imagination, a figment of our fertile imagination. When something is not, then none is enough to even kill us. People have died of friegnt seeing a ‘ghost’ in a moving cloth or a snake in a rope. So none is enough.

    Rabiya, a greta sufi saint of Kashmir did something which was balsphemous for those times; she struck off the words devil from her Koran, saying that since she has found God’s love she cannot see devil anywhere, god in diffrent guises yes but no devil.

    When something is not, even none is enough !!


  7. Tania Chilby says:

    Exactly Yajna,I have spent 10 years space clearing homes ,removing negativity for people,but mainly inspiring them and teaching them to connect to their homes, and yes your home is a reflection of you the occupant…My book that I have just finished ,but not submitted yet is called Reflections ME Myself My home ..a very simple guide in to seeing what your home say’s about you,people’s homes can mask alot of their internal baggage .
    When you surround yourself in simple but beautiful rooms that express who you are, then
    you can bond with the wonderful woman inside of it.And yes I make friends with my house,I speak to it ,and it speaks to me…Homes are a passion of mine -fantastic story,Pity more people don’t understand about the mezuzah ,the Jewish people know to keep God in there hearts and minds…Blessings Tania

  8. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo and friends,

    This story made me laugh a bit.. But on a more serious note, it is so often people feel their homes are haunted or possess all sorts of demons and creatures. In cases like this, i feel that the evil that they assume is there is created my negative energy that they themselves have formed, simply by the manner in which they think of their new house. Going into a new living environment, one must think positively. For if you don’t, the atmosphere you will create around you is cold and hostel. Suddenly fear settles in, and oh no! Your house is haunted! So you run to a priest, so that he can bring God into the house to save you, of course! But this is all unnecessary, for you have the ability to save yourself, and even prevent the situation from arising. When moving to a new room or house, as silly as it may sound, you should ‘make friends’ with it. Go in there smiling, with God in your heart, and love your new house. Have faith in a new begining, and see the massive difference it will make. Suddenly, no demons exist in your house, and your house has now become your home.

    Thank you for being

  9. agnieszka says:

    Dear Paulo,
    For me when we begin with even the slightest thought of fighting what’s evil – we’re win.
    Every little step we make towards the LIGHT it gets lighter and brighter, because GOD is with us.
    when we have God on our side we will always win!
    Cause – God is the Light of the World!

    The only thing we have to do is to will it.
    Sometimes we call it WILLPOWER…
    doesn’t it mean that… will IS power ?