No two paths are the same

By Paulo Coelho

In one of his rare writings, the Sufi sage Hafik says of the spiritual search:
‘Accept with wisdom the fact that the Path is full of contradictions. The Path often hides itself in order to stimulate the traveller to discover what lies beyond the next bend.
If two travelling companions are following the same path, then one of them is clearly following a false trail. For there are no formulae for finding the truth of the Path, and each person needs to run the risks incurred by his own steps.
Only the ignorant try to imitate the behaviour of others. Intelligent men do not waste their time like that; they develop their own abilities; they know that in a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are the same, just as no two journeys along the same Path are the same.’

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  1. Tania says:

    If we knew what was around the corner we would worry about it and try to prepare for it ,and not be in the space to recieve it,so its best not to think about this ,just make today count..and yes its true you can be on the same page as someone but not in the same sentence or paragraph.Blessings Tania

  2. Yza says:

    If ever there were two paths that are exactly the same, the first or the original one will be hailed and the other one will be ignored (will fail to notice its existence)…

  3. Paul Taylor says:

    Some old, trite sayings:

    The pilgrimage is true, the pilgrim false… And: it’s the journey, not the destination…

  4. agnieszka says:

    Dear Paulo,

    The same with snowflakes :-)
    Each one is different, though they look alike somehow.
    They’re fascinate me.
    They’re so beautiful, yet so fragile,
    they exist only for a little moment.
    I would say like us,

    We’re so different, though so alike.
    Every cell in our body is unique.
    We go on living but our lives are different too.
    That’s why every life is special,

    Our dreams are different, so we can find our own path to reach them.