What are the most critic issues today in the world?

What do you think are the most critic issues today in the world? On a personal and on a social level.


  1. Fatemeh says:

    waiting.we are too confused.

  2. Huma says:

    Inequality and heartlessness.At personal level, lwe have lost ourselves and we never try to find it.

  3. Jose says:

    We have to stabalise this world with our deeds, what were in this earth still here,this is time of us

  4. Khalid Mehmood says:

    Fighting eachother. In pakistan everyday there is killing in the name of politics, in the name of God, in the name of ideas and etc. is that possible to end all war?

  5. SVL says:

    My people suffer for lack of knowledge.

  6. Liina.L says:

    I think we ought to be more guided by love than fear, both on personal and social level, when making decisions and acting on them.

    With love,

  7. Anji says:

    I think… growing up too fast:

    Choosing professors who give high grades over professors who would really take the time to teach us.

    Saying, “I’m doing this 6am-10pm job for my family. I’m sorry I can’t see them, but this is for their good.”

    Leaving one’s country to work in another because they give higher job offers. (Causes braindrain and children who do not know their parents).

    Not washing the dishes and having the maid do them. (I am very guilty of this, haha.)

    Not calling grandma once in a while. (Also guilty)

    Though, Jesus is right in saying, only God is good. So I can’t really say any of these are wrong. For example, living in another country allows us to open our eyes to another culture. Having someone do the dishes allows time for schoolwork.

    Maybe the most critical issue of today is people not knowing what to do with their days.

  8. Caroline de Lourdes says:

    Evil is the most critical issue of all times. In fact evil exists because good people won´t say NO to it! And no, we for sure don´t need pain in order to appreciate good things. We are not a bunch of crazy masochists! The situation on this planet is very serious. It is high-frequency breath against low-frequency poisonous breath. There´s no hope for people for as long as they behave in the wrong way and just don´t seem to care. And the worst ones, of course, always pretend that organised wickedness does not exist…But if we evolve into full conscious awareness then evil will surely die!

  9. sourav says:

    turmoil @ oneself at cost of time that we need to spend on other things ….

  10. Ali says:

    On a personal level to know myself and on social, the end of War or start of 3rd one as a solution.

  11. dev says:

    1. Sense of purpose personally for me and on social level too.

    we are going faster and faster, but to where ? humanity is awakening to this question.

    2. Unfair distribution of wealth.

    tough questions !!! collective sleep is so much more adorable !

  12. maria says:

    on a personal note – hopelessness, indifference and greed

    on the social level – principle of relativism and moral degradation.

    Everything is relative, the Law of God is no longer absolute which leads to chaos and extreme imbalance.

  13. Кристина says:

    The Faith… and all with her bound. People Management by means of religions. The Wolfs in овечьей to skin, politicians, closing support священнослужителей. The Children, rising in disbelief of their own parents, вырастающие with hate in heart and without hope…Sadly….

  14. Monica says:

    THE WORST CRIME for me is Child abuse in all sorts of ways as this kills the soul of the child….to me this is even worse than death as the child continues living but his or her soul looses it’s light and once this is gone this is very hard to be recovered.

  15. Mxolisi says:

    Poverty,War and Peace

    In a world of troubled times, politics are redefined…
    thoughts and actions are the way, that change the path we see today.
    Bombs & missiles miss their mark, a futile point we can’t embark ~
    peace requires consciousness, or fall beyond the great abyss.

    Predict the fate you want to see, create the world reality ~
    lessons learned are somehow lost, another major holocaust.
    Change requires discipline, a subtle point where we begin…
    start with changing your own mind, open it to see mankind.

    The simple truths are all inside, leave the past we left behind.Poverty,
    war or Peace is just a choice, spread the word in your own voice.
    Awaken to the cosmic mind ~ Liberty in surreal times.

    You were born to change the world ~ …do it positively.

  16. Musomba says:

    There is no issue more critical than another. That is why a wise man once said that ‘if we gave the same degree of attention and concentration to all matters big or small, we would have fewer problems in the world’

  17. I think many problems are not comparable and equally important in today's life. It is really hard to pick a single one and call it the most important.

    I think poverty, war, and global warming are very important problems that cannot be really compared. One can think of many other important issues.

  18. AndreaSch says:

    Late but to think: Striving for fulfilling matherial values. Everything seems to be commercialized – advice, clean water, free time activities. Because of posessions we are losing the connection to the others and also our inner voice. Catched by things, the money-language did not make us happier or better, but created selffishnes. No time or use to speak to those we might not need for something, no time to do something just for pleasure, no time to share our inner wealth and gifts. There is no use to discuss about differences – there was and always be huge diversity among people – but the money-just-for-money attitude keeps us blind and insensible to those who most need our attention.

  19. Inbal says:

    that people forgot compassion to one another is pretty critical already but that they are afraid as well make it harder.

  20. Derek says:

    Yajna, very well said.

  21. agnieszka says:

    To fall in love!
    What does it mean?

    Will flowers be so beautiful
    If not for the sun?

    Will love be worth anything
    If not for the other man?


  22. agnieszka says:

    Dear Yajna
    That’s what brought me to write about believing in the first place.
    You try, you do your best, you love and love and love,
    and help when it’s needed, and still it’s not enough.
    Yes, I do help when I see someone hungry on the street.
    Some things cannot be fixed by one or even 100 people.
    It will help a little but that’s not enough.

    I also think that we should do it anyway,
    not thinking if someone else is doing it,
    because if I do it ,
    you do it,
    he and she does it,
    then there are more and more everyday
    and so on.

    I also see very much that WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL,
    but when you asked what is wrong – you answer.

    I love life, I love people, I love everything around me, every little flower, I love sunset, I love sunrise, I love every moment in my life,
    and most of all I love God.:-)

    But as a human being – I have moments,
    moments of doubt, even if there’s only a few in a whole year.
    But they pass and I go on believing, go on loving,go on living, go on dreaming.

    I believe the most in one thing – LOVE HEALS.

    love to all

  23. Prakriti says:

    We’re giving in to adult hood. Forgetting the magic of fairy tales, games, cartoons, believing… We’re trying too hard to believe in something greater than us…so hard that we’ve forgotten the great in us. Forgetting the magic in our hearts…

    1. sourav says:

      what i think prakriti,magic is in continuing, learning and conquering. actually if we seek love and joy alone you will never find it alone.
      actually pleasure is in” like said beauty is in beholders ‘s eye “, so is love and joy…
      no offenses, but this is my view only.


  24. aditya says:

    the most critical issue today, bothe on social and personal front is man’s disconnectedness from himself. due to the toils of our previous generations, the world is in a position of surplus now. oppulance is there but because of the ‘greed’ which again originates from man not knowing himself, unqueal distribution results in hunger even now for millions.

    then there is information overload, which does not let a man rest.

    the most critical issue on which everything else hinges is that man has no time for himslef, to fathom whether all that one does it really worth it. it’s high time meditation be intoduced everywhere, in shools, colleges, offices, even parliamnets. the qulaity of action emanating from a mediatative state of being, can be a great boon.

  25. Walaa Hamdan says:

    I honestly think..its that people don’t care any more, to what is happenning to other ppl as long as they are ok..
    selfishness, is what is the matter with the world.

  26. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo and friends,

    I’ve been very much a silent observer, watching everyone’s comments over this week.. I don’t now why but i haven’t felt the need to write much, until now. With everyone’s opinion’s we have covered the majority of the problems in the world, from poverty, to AIDS, to inequality, and even a lack of love. For a very long time i saw all these things as challenges to change, or even help people to change, so that we all live in a better world. Over the last few months, i’ve begun to see that maybe the world is perfect. If you think about it, throughout time every age had its challenges, and as soon as it was delt with, another one came about. Why is that? The only answer i could come up with is that, these things have to exist. For as we all stand up to these challenges, dreams are created. Besides, good cannot exist without bad. Bad things happen, they happen everyday, all around us, somethings can be prevented, others not, but nevertheless, they happen to us all. But you know, good things also happen. They happen everyday, all around us, and we just have to remember see them. We should be grateful for that and strive for our dreams for each one of us has the power to make a difference in our own lives. The way i see it, this week’s question is incomplete. As much as it lovely for all of us to discuss how the world is becoming and how worrying it is right now, which most of you feel very strongly about, we should rather be focusing on how to fix it. I mean lets take poverty for example, what are you doing to help? When last did anyone help someone hungry on the street? I’m not asking that any one person to rid the world of poverty, thats not possible, but rather for you to make a difference where you can. If everyone here, does his or her bit, for any problem, the world would be better..and even poverty could be sorted. And as for love.. Before we ask others to love more, have we asked ourselves, do we really love? Maybe our feels of lack of love is a reflection of ourselves. Do we love the most we possibly can? Do we love ourselves completely? Do we love everything and everyone? I think we should all look inside of ourselves and make ourselves better people. I think if i see AIDS as a problem, i should help fight against it. I think if i find poverty is a major problem, i’ll help the next hungry person if i can. I think we should stop worrying about how imperfect the world is, start seeing that it is perfect, and that we ourselves can make the world better simply by starting to perfect ourselves.

    Thank you for being

    PS Paulo, i recommend that you ask how everyone would fix these critical issues that they’ve mentioned.. Who know’s, maybe alot of good will come out it, that might actually change the world :)

    1. eyer says:

      actually i disagree good can exist without bad. see the whole good cannot exist without bad thing comesform thigns like the dao ching whicb absiclaly say how can you know what is good if you cannot compare it to what is bad. how cna yu know light – if the whole world is light and there is no darkness? light and drankess may need each other but i disagree about good and bad. pretend everything in the world was good ” no proverty, war, aids, murder, rape, torture etc…” of course people stil die natural deaths, some epople dont find their dreams, soe epope give up, some people lose the loves of thier lives but that is all natural to humans. now in this world absent from things such as poverty, hatred, aids, war, roture, rape you would look around and see that people are happy, freedom reign,s everyone is enthusiastic, rpoductive, there is kindess, love, sympathy, compassion so you woudl conclude that this world is great and thigns that happen in toher woldds (murder or something) which inflict pain, torture etc and conclude that those thigns are ‘wrong’.

      yes there must be some pain in our lives – like having your heart broken or giving up, crying , losing a loved one because they hel you grow but things like extreme poverty, children being abused, unjust wars – its all unnecessary.

      the world isnt perfect becuase then i beleive itd be still – notice how change (for better or worse) occurs when something is wrong in ur life?…
      there must be a little evil in this world – but that evil shoudl come in the form of personal demons and evils. eg evryone has thier personal devils to come over but no one should have to come over someone esles!
      thats is my rpoblems with wars and things like rape and aids and torture – you shouldnt have to deal wiht someone esles.
      when we get to the point where epopel are just dealing wiht their dmeons thats good. utnil then lets erdaicate thigns tha tplce unnecesary dmeons on people – burdens like war and what not

  27. Chus says:

    You all have to excuse me… I talk to much!!!

    Love to whoever reads this ;)

  28. Chus says:

    And what about greed?

    Tom, I remember when my children were small, all our friends used the tv and videofilms as babysitters, I hated it and didn’t want that to my children, today there are DVD’s; Play Stations and things like those. Do you know what children play with? what kind of things do their heros do to win whatever? I see what you’re talking about as a matter of education, parents work too much and teachers feel that it isn’t their problem.

    Differences create envy and hate, a world of big people and small people where the big “have everything” and the small “see up” to them, not with admiration but hate.

    1. eyer says:

      differences arnt a bad thing if there wre no differneces the worl woudl be boring and evryone would be narrow minded becuase no one wud have different opinions.
      the rpoblem is when soemone thinks their preference for life their way of thinking, dressing etc… is better than superior to, more importnat than soemone esles. or when epople think that /’their way’ has an exclusive right. differences dont create rpoblems its misunderstanding of differences. its conquest. its notions of superioroty. notions of exclsuivity. if you can respect everyones right to think, dress, and believe as they please as long as their actiosns dont violate others then differences are a good thing

  29. tom says:

    I think Gun Crime is the main concern for the world now, every year in america, more than 11,000 people are killed by guns !!!!
    It is also a rising problem in my country, britain, it needs to be dealt with, we have even earned the nick name “Little America”

  30. A.V.C. says:

    Completely agree with Chus,

    If one strives for a change into positivism, one cannot be negative about the lack of change.

    If you want to see such change, be positive.

    To my view the world is, has always been, and will always be, nothing less than perfect.

  31. Chus says:

    If you don’t believe me, go out for a walk and take a look around you ;)

  32. Chus says:

    By the way, the world is wonderful, the problem is that we complicate things too much.

  33. Rose says:

    Dear Paulo,

    On a social level:
    Materialism; although this may not sound very original, if you think it trough it’s the root of many of our planet’s problems. Poverty, destroying the earth’s environment, wars and so on…

    On a personal level:
    I don’t know how to summarize it; but you mentioned this problem in ‘The Witch of Portobello’. It’s about the structure of today’s society. The ant colony theory of Edna’s master. I guess it’s a more of a problem on a social level…but to me it feels very personal as well…Reading that was such an eyeopener to me..It was like:’Yeah, that’s what I felt all these years, why it was so hard for me to fit in or find my way in this society workwise. For you to acknowledge that feeling was beyond great…

    I really hope that this ant hill will slowly crumble…let’s all do our part…

  34. Vikram Madan says:

    Hi Paulo,

    I feel that all world problems find their roots in the hostile emotional world of the average human.

    If the average human being is hostile, the society he builds will be hostile.

    The average person has an extremely high amount of violence inside of him, the evidence of which can be seen in spontaneous violent mobs, lust for violent video games, violent sexual games etc.

    The biggest issue in the world today is the human’s total lack of interest in introspection and WATCHING his actions, watching the CONSEQUENCES of his actions.

    The biggest issue is the thrill the average human gets out of fooling others.

    How can a society go on, if its average citizen is hellbent on fooling everyone he comes across, hellbent on manipulating everyone and the entire system?

    Vikram Madan

  35. Damien says:

    and equilibrium