The price of the question

By Paulo Coelho

A rabbi spent his whole life teaching that all the answers to our questions are in ourselves, but his congregation insisted on consulting him about everything they did.
One day, the rabbi had an idea. He placed a notice on the door of his house, saying:
‘Answers to questions – 100 moedas per answer.’
A shopkeeper decided to pay the one hundred moedas. He gave the rabbi the money and said:
‘Don’t you think that’s rather a lot to charge for a question?’
‘Yes, I do,’ said the rabbi. ‘And I have just answered your question. If you want to know anything else, you’ll have to pay another one hundred moedas, or else look for the answer inside yourself, which is far cheaper and much more efficient.’
From then on, no one bothered him.

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  1. Annie says:

    The answers to our questions are inside our selves… Lo se…. pero es tan difí­cil a veces abrir los ojos a esas respuestas que son tan obvias que nuestro corazón literalmente quiere salir golpearnos por hacernos los sordos. I know I have to find my path in the everyday live… but I want the extraordinary, I want to explore my vissions, I want the MOTHER and the FATHER to be one in me. “La conspiración de los alquimistas”

  2. marie-christine says:

    100 moedas can amount to a lot in a life time, better to find the answer within ourselves , as you said” it is cheaper and more effective”. Takes a while to sink in though……

  3. gioco d azzardo texas olden on line gratis says:

    Your site is also very interesting, very calming effect just reading it. Will spend more time with certain areas. Well done and good luck with your work.

  4. Kathleen says:

    You see!!

    How awful but how wonderfully comforting.

    Love is so strong!

    Thanks for sharing your story Yajna, I appreciate it.

    Love Kathleen xxx

  5. Yajna says:


    Wow.. Your dreams are really something hey.. I can understand it though.. I myself has had some amazing ones, nothing however as amazing as my mum’s two sisters. Allow me to share.. Firstly my mum’s sisters has both lost children. My mum’s eldest sister lost two kids in a car accident years ago.. A few years later my mother’s other sister lost her one son. A few weeks after the second sister lost her son, my mum’s eldest sister dreamt about her boys. In her dream she was talking and joking with them, and told one of them, to please tell his cousin (my mum’s second sisters son that was now late) to take care of his mother. She told her son to tell him, that his mother is doing very badly, and she’s worried about her. The following night, my aunty- the second one, went to sleep. In her dream, she met her son. He told her, he was sent by her elder sister to make sure she’s alright. He said, that his cousin told him to come. And he told her how happy he was, and how she’ll always be with him, and he’ll always love her. Both my aunty’s were not in contact with each other durin this period.. They only found out hw their dreams were connected when my second aunt called the first telling her how she saw her son. Its really weird.. But on the same token, very remarkable. I have absolutely no real way of explaining it, but i know, for a short while, in their sleep, my cousins comfort their mothers.

    Lots of love

  6. Oleg says:

    I can’t absolutely agree we have got all answers to our qestions in ourselves. Yes, every man obtain responsibility when he decide, but first we usually share our thoughts with those which opinion we respect. As someone said “When in doubt – communicate”. It doesnt mean we ask an answer, it means we expand a variety of answers, so it helps us to choose the best.

    let your dream live ;))

  7. Kathleen says:

    Yajna, I get what you’re saying and that’s true. Its just illuminating what you didn’t want to face – but sometimes dreams are not just stating facts that you already know.

    Many years ago I dreamt of a colleague at work whom I hadn’t known for long. I dreamt of her house, I could describe every room where they were located, the colouring, who was at the house and the fact that it was her 30th birthday. The dream was set in England even though she lives here in Australia and also I met two men in the dream one of whom liked me. In reality I didn’t know this girl very well as we had only worked together a short while but I decided to tell her of this strange and very vivid dream. She looked at very strangely as I was telling her the dream and it started to make me feel uncomfortable. It ended up the night that I’d had the dream was her 30th birthday and I had described her new house perfectly. One year and one week after the dream (I started to record them then) I got to visit her house. The outside of the house was different to my dream but inside was exactly! as I’d seen it. A few months after this dream I met two men on holiday from England, one of whom I ended up dating.

    I don’t particularly know why I would dream about this girl. It doesn’t really make sense and often times dreams that I’ve had that have come true prior to them happening or at the time are really inconsequential but it just makes me aware that there is more mystery to life than we understand. It confirms my belief how “connected” people are to eachother.

    Kathleen xx

  8. Tania says:

    What was the question ? Oh thats right who do we place our power with ..Well I dont about the rabbi but only which is true of God is true for me ,for I am the father are one ..So I’ll expect the cheque for the 100 moedas .. in the mail….lol.. but i will still bother u …not because u have all the answers ..but it just gives me such endless joy for us to help each other be more of who we are a continuous thread ..friends ..Blessings or shall I say thanks Matey …Tania

  9. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo and friends,

    I do believe that every answer to every question in the world resides within each of us. We should take it upon ourselves to look inside and find it. I think the major issue with this, is the lack of belief. Lack of belief that i have the answers, i can do it, and i know it. We doubt ourselves, and tend not to believe what we know to be true inside, sometimes is because we don’t feel worthy, that we couldn’t be right especially if society contradicts what we feel. I’ve realised, that although there are wise men in this world, they may not have all the answers for you. Even Paulo, i would think that they would rather inspire us to think for ourselves, to find our own truth so we find our own peace inside.

    Thank you for being

    i know how true some dreams can be.. They can be a real reality check and sort of shake you out of a dream world. Sometimes i feel dreams are our heart telling us things we don’t want to face. Sometimes i wonder however.. Are dreams just dreams?

    lots of love

  10. Kathleen says:

    Especially if it is a question that concerns yourself.

    Who else is going to know the true answer except you.

    Besides that niggling gut sense of what is the truth, you sometimes get a cheat glimpse at the answer through dreams. I used to be crazy in love with someone who didn’t really feel the same way and as if to hammer the truth home in my stubborn lovelorn mind I had a dream that end up coming true about him.

    Dream: I was on a path to his home, went through woods and reached his house. Knocked on the door and saw that he was not alone. He was living with an exotic looking woman. In the dream I instinctively knew that they were not in love but I also knew that there was no real future for me. Soon after the dream I had a call from him (he was overseas). He told me he was living with a South African girl and he told me what she looked like (exactly as I’d seen her in the dream), also that they were in a semi-platonic relationship. The End

  11. Cristina says:

    Es cuestion de aprovacion, inseguridad, pormar parte de algo, sentirse afines etc. Todos hemos consultado en su momento.

  12. agnieszka says:


    Where the thought ends and where it begins?


  13. Pichu says:

    Introspection !!

    No one ever bothered the rabbi, but did the congregation finally understand the message!??? –

    Probably NOT…

    I agree that the answer to our questions we´ve got them all. And we have to learn to know, love, care and respect ourselves.

    When I read your book The Witch of Portobello, I took something i really liked, and wrote it down as a quote, coz its interesting. i cant remember which one of your characters said it…

    He/she, defined whats a teacher and what is he (teacher) to do. And you said: “A teacher is not someone who teaches you something, a teacher is someone who inspires his student to give the best of himself and to discover what he already knows”.

    Loved IT !! Its about the same… “the search within”

    Jesus also said: Mark 12:31 – “Love thou neighbor as yourself” — as one of the greatest commandments, teaching us also that our power, wisdom, strenght is within.


    P:S.and the quote from your book may not be written in the same exact words, because i read it in spanish and i did my best trying to translate it. :D


  14. Annie says:

    The answers to our questions are inside our selves… Lo se…. pero es tan difí­cil a veces abrir los ojos a esas respuestas que son tan obvias que nuestro corazón literalmente quiere salir golpearnos por hacernos los sordos. I know I have to find my path in the everyday live… but I want the extraordinary, I want to explore my vissions, I want the MOTHER and the FATHER to be one in me. “La conspiración de los alquimistas”