The kingdom of this world

By Paulo Coelho

An old hermit was once invited to go to the court of the most powerful king of the age.

‘I envy a holy man like you, who contents himself with so little,’ remarked the king.

‘I envy Your Majesty, who contents himself with even less than me,’ replied the hermit.

‘How can you say that when the whole of this country belongs to me?’ said the king, offended.

‘For precisely that reason. I have the music of the celestial spheres, I have the rivers and the mountains of the entire world, I have the moon and the sun, because I have God in my heart. All Your Majesty has, on the other hand, is this kingdom.’

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  1. je suis du sud says:

    [quote comment=””]SMACK <3[/quote]
    you said it so well

  2. rainer says:

    Sometimes I ask myself, do we not think too bad of the powerful of the world.

    What if the king meditates, may be he will be the next buddha? How can we be so sure that a hermit can be trusted, always so alone in the woods.

    In some cases religious leadership and kingdom are united. And sometimes there are rich hermits in the woods who cherish the simple life.
    Sometimes it is so awfully hard to have a valid point of view. I am puzzled.

  3. Kathleen says:

    [quote comment=””]SMACK <3[/quote]
    That’s just beautiful.

    When I think of some of the happiest moments of my life they were the simplest – just the comraderie of family and friends, or being amongst nature, or watching my niece and nephew grow. Nothing at all to do with what I own.

    (and eating good chocolate lol)

    Kathleen xx

  4. Ranjeet says:

    If there exists something like KINGDOM of THE WORLD, then how many KINGS will it permit??

  5. je suis du sud says:

    [quote comment=””]SMACK <3[/quote]
    you said it so well