Ancestral bones

By Paulo Coelho

There was once a king of Spain who was very proud of his ancestors, and who was known for his cruelty towards those weaker than himself.

One day, he was travelling with his entourage through a field in Aragon where, years before, his father had died in battle; there he met a holy man rummaging around in a huge pile of bones.

‘What are you doing?’ asked the king.

‘All honour to Your Majesty!’ said the holy man. ‘When I learned that the king of Spain was coming here, I decided to collect together the bones of your late father and give them to you. But however hard I look, I cannot find them, for they are exactly the same as the bones of peasants, poor men, beggars and slaves.’

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  1. clara belén says:

    Yo lo único que se me ocurre ahora, es que igual mañana no estoy y entonces dará igual si fui importante o no un dia. Que hay un misterio que nadie entiende y es ¿por qué dar de corazón es como una droga? Porque nos hace felices. ¿Por qué me gusta tanto sentirme amada y dar Amor? porque me hace feliz.
    Amar y ser amado es la ambición más pura. Ese quiero que sea mi compromiso con el mundo. ¿Que aún me queda mucho camino para conseguirlo? lo se, pero no por ello dejaré de andar.
    un beso

  2. rainer says:

    Great story, great post. All humans are the same in front of death.
    Thanks for reminding.

  3. Ryan Holiday says:

    “Alexander the Great and his mule driver both died and the same thing happened to both. They were absorbed alike into the life-force of the world, or dissolved alike into atoms.” Marcus Aurelius, The Meditations.

    Please don’t stop doing this.

  4. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo and friends

    I don’t really understand why people have such superiority complexes when they have money or power, I really dislike people who are like that. Instead of throwing your success in a poor person’s fase, why don’t you help them? Its so great to bring them right back to earth like the holy man did in this story! We shouldn’t forget- the higher you fly, the harder you fall.

    Thank you for being

  5. Tania says:

    God made everyone with the same ingredient- Love ..Man adds in cruelty ,judgement ,hatred ,racism ..this seperates everyone .and yes what you sow in all time ,space and dimensions comes back to you ..Karma .To return to love you must be under Grace ,not under law…Blessings Tania