Call another kind of doctor

By Paulo Coelho

A powerful monarch summoned a holy father – who was said by everyone to have healing powers – to help him with the pains in his back.

‘God will help us,’ said the holy man. ‘But first let us understand the reasons for these pains. I would suggest that Your Majesty make your confession now, for confession forces a man to confront his problems and frees him from many feelings of guilt.’

Annoyed at being asked to think about his problems, the king said:

‘I don’t want to talk about such things; I need someone who can cure me without asking so many questions.’

The priest left and returned half an hour later with another man.

‘I believe that words can relieve pain and help me discover the correct path to a cure,’ he said. ‘Since you do not wish to talk, however, I cannot help you. But I have here just the man you need: my friend is a veterinary surgeon and is accustomed to not talking to his patients.’

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  1. Marie-Christine says:

    ouah ouah

  2. Sabine says:

    Lol. I agree about the vet :D.
    The message is anyway sooooo true.

  3. Light in my Heart says:

    Then that vet is certainly a bad one … you see, animals love when other animals (humans or not humans) talk to them.

  4. agnieszka says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I believe that the healing proces always starts with a confession.
    Doesn’t matter what kind of problem it is, without opening yourself first nothing can be solved, nothing can be healed.
    Everything we hold inside, whether it is anger, sadness, guilt, etc…all must be freed in order for us to be able to see the light.

    It’s like a garden full of unwanted weeds, they simply must go if we want to enjoy the beauty.

    I think You wrote this Paulo.
    Don’t You?


  5. Kathleen says:

    …. LOL!!

    Loved it.

    Though I do actually believe that there is a strong correlation with the state of your soul and your physical ailments.

    Kathleen xxx