The most dangerous part

By Paulo Coelho

A king gathered together a group of wise men to decide which was the most important part of the body. The endocrinologist declared that it was the glands because they regulated all the bodily functions; the neurologist said it was the heart because, without it, the glands would not work. The nutritionists assured him it was the stomach because, without food, the heart would not have the strength to beat.

The wisest of all the wise men listened in silence. Since they could not reach an agreement, they asked his opinion.

‘All those parts are essential for life,’ he said. ‘If one of them is lacking, then the body dies. But the most important part does not actually exist: that is the imaginary channel that links the ear and the tongue. If there are any problems with this channel, the man starts saying things he did not hear and then, not only the body dies, but the soul is condemned for ever.’

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  1. marie-christine says:

    the ear and the tongue and the 3rd eye.( in a triangle fashion)

  2. g (uk) says:

    to agnieszka, annie and leaf
    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts and prayers for us. It’s incredibly comforting to know that you are out there, all of you. We delight in it.

    The body is a complicated thing which we often take for granted; and it is imperative that ALL its parts function. For my son the most dangerous part for his well being at the moment is not to have the specialists’ knowledge and expertise; we are very grateful for their support.

    … and grateful for yours, thanks.


  3. Leaf says:

    Dear G
    My Love also to you and your boys
    of Love

  4. agnieszka says:

    Dear G

    I am so, so, so sorry for you.
    No words can describe it nor comfort it.
    Sending you love I wish you all the strength you’ll need.
    May God be with you and your son always for He is the only One who can make miracles.

    I know there’s no end,
    I know that, wherever you go…
    you’ll find your peace
    without fighting,
    you’ll find your peace
    with love.

    lots of love

  5. g (uk) says:

    This is a very timely story. My son is in hospital. He is twenty. He had complained of sight loss and severe headaches. His pituitary gland has packed up. His hypothalamus is not functioning and he is on severe medication. He had a tumour in this region of the brain when he was a little boy.

    He is ‘one in a million’. He is respectful, compassionate, intelligent, kind, loving, funny, accepting, patient, beautiful and much much more.

    So, what’s more important?
    A particular body part?
    Knowledge, technology, innovation?
    Love and kindness?

    The endocrinologist has prescribed medication to counter balance what’s lost.
    The neurosurgeon has looked at the scan to determine what’s happening > he can’t really see what IS happening, even with the sophisticated machinery available today.
    The ophthalmologist has produced a diagram showing visual loss and has said that he should not cycle anymore.
    The pain nurse is prescribing pain relief but to no avail.
    The nurses are listening to him and doing their utmost to make him comfortable.
    … and I, his frightened mother and Warrior of Light, can only give him my love and my hope and my time, whilst remaining myself and giving time to my younger son. Their father, my husband, died eleven years ago.

    As much love as I feel for this boy, I cannot make him better.

    He has a hard journey ahead, so does his brother; and my journey continues.

    “You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts.
    You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of to-morrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams” Kahlil Gibran about children in ‘The Prophet’


  6. Tania says:

    I would have thought that the most important thing for survival would have been love , touch , and nuturing ..without love the body and soul die ….Blessings Tania

  7. wanbliska says:

    Condemned for ever? As to me, no one should be condemned for ever.


  8. agnieszka says:

    That is so true!
    How many times in life people suffer because of the wrong interpretation.
    If we could only hear….:-)
    Well, it looks like it’s not easy for some of us.
    I wander why?
    What is wrong with people that they cannot understand what is said to them and they end up repeating it in a totally different way.
    I always cannot understand why for some people white is not white and black is not black.
    Why they cannot be straightforward.
    What are they afraid of?
    And what happen in the end – they not only hurt others – they hurt themselves too.
    It will always turn against them, sooner or later.
    What goes around, comes around.

    I once said to my friend that, I would prefer someone to hurt me, than if I would hurt him/her.
    My conscious would hurt me much more if I did it.
    I think that everybody should know that.
    Life would be much easier, and much nicer too.

    Well, I guess that these people lose their conscious by doing it over and over again, and then as You wrote, their soul dies.
    So sad.


  9. rainer says:

    This is a very unexpected ending. I was caught by surprise. Maybe there is an alternative for the explanation of tourette syndrome. ;-)