The divine melody

By Paulo Coelho

Zaki heard Xa asking his friends what was the most beautiful sound on Earth.

‘The sound of the flute,’ said one.

‘Birdsong,’ said another.

‘A woman’s voice,’ said a third.

They continued the discussion late into the night, without reaching any conclusion.

Days later, Zaki invited Xa and his friends to supper. In the room next door, the best orchestra in the world was playing lovely music, but there was no food on the table. Around midnight, by which time his guests were all starving hungry, Zaki finally served up an exquisite banquet.

‘After hours without eating, isn’t the clatter of cutlery on plates a divine sound?’ remarked Xa.

‘I am simply answering your question about what is the most beautiful sound on Earth,’ replied Zaki. ‘It could be the voice of the woman we love, the singing of birds, the clatter of plates, the breathing beside us in bed of someone dear to us, but it will always be the sound that our heart needs to hear at that precise moment.’

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  1. eleonora says:

    sarí  sempre il suono che il nostro cuore ha bisogno di sentire in quel preciso momento. ‘

  2. Marie-Christine says:

    the sound that our heart needs to hear indeed

  3. A.V.C. says:

    However beautiful equilibrium, the point of balance, may appear, I must remind myself not to let that experience make me deny the existence of the extremes of the scale.

    After all, I live in the world of opposites, where I am constantly subjected to its manifestations.

    But there is no reason to be discouraged by this simple fact. Equilibrium in all this diversity, is easily found at every instant, simply by confronting every aspect with its opposite.

    Hence, whatever sound, colour, taste or smell that balances the current state of affairs, will bring me beauty.

  4. agnieszka says:


    We don’t have to hate each other when we compete.
    We could instead…love, admire, excite and feed each other with inspiration, to grow, to evolve, to become this beautiful forest, Paulo wrote before, full of fantastic trees..


  5. anand says:

    hello sir,

    must congratulate you for all the wonderful work you’ve been doing. its just divine and out of this world. want to tell you, that i am from india and i am also interested into creative writing n philosophy. and the moment i read your books, i felt you conveyed what i had felt all these years. since then i’ve respected n worshipped you like anything. i just want to invite you to india, for i feel, there’s a tremendous source of spirituality here, much deep and enterprising you’ll love to incorporate in your works. i feel the depth of india should only make your visit richer and we may get more wonderful pieces of art from your blessed hand. i would like to discuss more with you if you feel like, that would be a big obligation to me to be talking to you. thanks a lot sir.

  6. rainer says:

    hello Agnieszka,

    to hear the sound of love, what a wonderful image.

    Maybe it is a male charcter trait, to compete always. The competitors could feel the same feelings while competing, that is true. We find out, that we are all the same.

  7. Feb says:

    We only hear what we want to hear

  8. agnieszka says:

    One more thought, crazy me…hmm…

    Did You see the latest movie – “La Vie en rose”
    about Edith Piath?
    Did You hear what said this actress – Marion Cotillard, when she received the Oscar for it?
    “…thank you life, thank you love…”

    Did You hear the song – “Dancing” by Elisa?

    so beutiful…

    lots of love

  9. Jenny says:


    thank you

  10. agnieszka says:

    Dear Paulo,



    “ will always be the sound that our heart needs to hear at that precise moment.”

    That is so true, so….

    Sounds, feelings,…they’re so… alike.
    Every moment is full of both.
    These special moments when we let ourselves guide by them, our heart opens.
    Opens to …love.
    Nothing else matters.
    Just …the sound…you…and this….love.
    Love to the world, to a person, to everything that surrounds us, to….life.
    If we listen to our heart, it will always tell us what we need,
    if it’s the memory of your mother voice, the whisper of someone you love, the rain outside your window, the sound of ….simple things, that reminds you of something, of someone…you love, a memory…
    It’s like an opening to a different dimension, where everything is beautiful, simple,…
    If the heart could sing, it would sing the most beautiful melody of…. appreciation.

    And then comes this… silence, this peace, and …fills up every corner of your soul. Joy. Happiness, that you exist, that life is so…precious, so amazing.


    Thank You Paulo for this beautiful story.
    lots of love

  11. agnieszka says:

    If we could only hear..
    we could..
    the heartbeat..
    of the butterfly..
    we could..
    the sound of..