Believing without seeing

By Paulo Coelho

An emperor said to the Rabbi Yeoschoua ben Hanania:

‘I would very much like to see your God.’

‘That is impossible,’ said the Rabbi.

‘Impossible? Then how can I entrust my life to someone whom I cannot see?’

‘Show me the pocket in which you have placed the love of your wife, and let me weigh it in order to see how large her love is.’

‘Don’t be silly; no one can keep someone’s love in their pocket.’

‘The sun is only one of the works which the Lord placed in the universe and yet you cannot look at it directly. You cannot see love either, but you know you are capable of falling in love with a woman and entrusting your life to her. Is it not clear then that there are certain things in which we trust even though we cannot see them?’

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  2. […] Believing without seeing By Paulo Coelho An emperor said to the Rabbi Yeoschoua ben Hanania: ‘I would very… […]

  3. Holly says:

    i am too a believer without seeing to much. everyday i gain more affirmation and more faith in the good energy that exists in and around us. thank you sir you are a blessing to my life.

  4. wanbliska says:

    Believer without seeing.

    Some parts are not shown yet, even if I swear with all my heart. That’s just because I don’t really know if I want them to be. Or I’m not ready to.
    But I feel, and I know, heart gets eyes.

  5. Agnieszka says:

    Dear Aditya,

    Questions, explanations, even the poorest ones brings thoughts to the surface of our mind.
    Hesitation, doubt makes you think even if it is for a moment, makes you question your own thoughts, your own beliefs.

    If we didn’t ask questions, or try to answer, would we go any further in our evolution?

    For me, if you don’t understand something, if you cannot answer that something.. IS, maybe you can go ahead and dig further to understand if it.. ISN”T.
    And then suddenly you…stuck and…yes…the light…
    The longer you think about something, the closer you are to …revelation.
    Some people unfortunatelly have to rationalize things in order to begin…believing, and we can help them by making them hesitate about their own points of view.


  6. aditya says:

    there is a ‘seeing’ with eyes open, there is a ‘seeing’ with eyes closed also, not only eyes closed, but with out the help of visuals even.

    in a way everthing we expereince can be ‘seen’ as images, images which are formed with the aid of all five senses and something more.

    agni, all ‘explainations’ merely push the barrier to the unknown by one step, every answer gives raise to more questions, tilll….

  7. Tania says:

    I have never needed proof of things existing , I have always trusted and known , and felt with my heart everything , you cannot look directly at some things but you certainly can see that a icecream will melt in the sun ,or you will feel sun burnt .Love is the same you know with certainty how your heart feels even if you cant see it , you cannot see a broken heart but the person feels the pain .You can love people even if they are not here, nothing is impossible when the heart loves there are no have to trust what you feel , not what you see..that is certain .Blessings Tania

  8. carna says:

    yeah! so true love! i love the message today! :)

  9. Mollena says:

    Love is when you no longer have doubts:) At least I never doubt when I love. Makes for more passion:)

  10. Agnieszka says:

    I remember talking to my friend about believing in God, when I said that, love is the only “proof” that God exists, and she said that love is caused by chemical reactions in our brain, that’s all, and then… it came to me……and I said….. even if it’s the way you said….Nobody can answer Why? and What for?
    and…. she went silent.
    Yes…we can explain things the way we want to, to find an excuse to not believe, to doubt, but if…
    if we really believe then the answers will come somehow.
    The tendency to touch something before believing makes me ….sad.
    And I wander would it really help believing?
    If we would know for sure that God exists, would we really appreciate it, would it change a thing?
    No, I don’t think so.
    I think that if someone wants to believe with all her/his heart then nothing and nobody could stop him/her; a little bit of will, that’s what is needed.
    And of course …..pure, open heart.
    Besides, what would this faith be worth if someone would only believe when proved?