The Witch of Portobello (complete and free!)

Dear readers,
You can now browse the full edition of The Witch of Portobello (courtesy of Harper Collins). Therefore, you can read the first pages (or the full edition). If you decide do buy the book, there is a link on the left side.

The Witch of Portobello ( complete and free! )

This link will be there till the 11 of March. On the next months, we are going to have full editions online of all my titles published in English.


  1. Jyothi Hariparsad says:

    I still haven’t gotten over the Alchemist…….I could never forget those beautiful words, more so their meaning and I often reflect on them, in moments of my life.

  2. neeta timsina says:

    the best book in my life……………alchemist changed my prospect towards life

  3. Ritz says:

    Your book ‘the alchemist’ changed my perspective towards life. after that book there’s been no looking back. i can sowewhat relate myself with those characters, be it the madness of veronika or pretentious strength of chantal. i find myself lost in the worlds you create. i can’t wait to read others that are remaining and explore myself even more. you are a magician paulo.

  4. Vani says:

    hi Paulo,
    When will your books become online?
    I missed on the climax of the book (Actually, the pages are not there in the book since its buy) and i am searching for an online edition or download but to no avail :-(

    Waiting for your book to become online…


    1. Loola says:

      This book is the best I’ve read and surely worth buying!
      I bought one just as it was published… Read it and have lent a friend but never was given back…
      Now, I’m about to finish my second time reading of ‘The Alchemist’… but now it’s much closer to me than previously… I feel like to start understanding myself, and it helps me to deal with what’s been going on in my life – huge changes… but thanks to your books I can deal with them… I’m not afraid :)
      Well, I was to write about ‘The Witch of Portobello’… as I remember when I was reading it I felt like my path one day would go along with hers… And now… I need to read it again, I can’t wait to get it into my hand and will never let it out again, I was in several bookshops, but here where I am they unfortunately don’t have it, and have just ordered it in the internet, but it’s going to ship not earlier than in 10 days……. i just can’t wait!


  5. Joeway says:

    i just bought this book last wednesday :)
    the book is great, like any others :)
    “if your man gets another woman, don’t forget to laugh” :)

  6. Cybelle says:

    Paulo, estou relendo As Valkí­rias, um livro que sempre me ajuda muito quando estou profundamente deprimida como agora. Agradeí§o a vocíª por tíª-lo escrito. Gostaria de ser uma escritora como vocíª um dia.

  7. Nobody!Nobody! says:

    I just finished reading The Zahir… the only book I’ve ever entirely read… I am amazed. I not sure what to say, I doubt this comment will be read but I will try my luck to get a first or second comment.

    until then… Hello