Reflections of the Warrior of the Light

By Paulo Coelho

A warrior of the light does not only use his strength; he also uses his opponent’s energy.

Upon entering a combat, all he possesses is his enthusiasm, and the moves he learned during training; as the fight progresses, he discovers that his enthusiasm and training are not enough to win: experience is necessary.

So he opens his heart to the Universe, and asks God to inspire him, so that each of the enemy’s blows is also a lesson in defense for him.

His companions comment: “see how superstitious he is. He has stopped the fight in order to pray, and respects his adversary’s tricks.”

The warrior of the light pays these provocations no attention. He knows that without inspiration and experience, none of his training will bear fruit.

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  1. genfrao says:

    Molti di noi si comportano, esattamente, come il Guerriero della Luce, pur non sapendo di esserLo.
    Il Vostro libro, le Vostre parole, hanno spinto, e lo fanno tutt’ora, a scoprire quello che di divino, o la Luce, che è in noi. Sono certo che, quello che scrivete, oltre a scaturire dalle esperienze dei Vostri intervistati, è ispirato anche e soprattutto da una Luce Divina, di cui Voi stesso siete meravigliato e, nello stesso tempo, affascinato di farne parte.

  2. evespring says:

    “A warrior of the light does not only use his strength; he also uses his opponent’s energy.”

    How do you do that? First, pick an opponent! But what if no one wants to fight? Then you have to start fighting first. And if no one fights still, then it feel somewhat like bulldozing, then skiing, then standing still, than life is empty & meaningless… then I dunno.

  3. wanbliska says:

    Au départ, quand je sondais l’í¢me du monde, on me disait que mes poèmes étaient noirs, ou trop compliqués.
    Un jour í  la radio, j’avais entendu que Mallarmé avait eu une période oí¹ personne ne pouvait le comprendre í  part lui-míªme, et encore.
    Peut-íªtre avait-il pourtant pesé chaque mot, de ce qu’il mettait sur papier. Comme je l’avais fait.

    Il fallait que l’écriture se forge au fur et í  mesure, qu’elle rencontrait ce nouveau Monde. Mais au départ, je m’inquiétais de décrire son silence, son désert, son nadir.
    Et c’est en laissant longtemps marcher mon inspiration, que j’ai pu créer le ciel, la terre, les décors, les personnages et leurs compagnies. A mon image: celle que je me fais de l’í¢me du monde.


  4. Tania says:

    Life experience is the best teacher. You can study all you like but you must know how to apply what you have learn t .blessings Tania

  5. Maria says:

    The biggest lessons we learned from our enenmies. When face with confrontation you have the choice to grow or to wither. I see my oponent as a teacher. What is this person here to teach me about myself? The answer doesn’t come right away, in fact even the questions may come some time after the original confrontation, but there is always an aswer if you’re willing to ask.

  6. Agnieszka says:


    I find it surprising and amazing at the same time.

    With each bad experience, painfull moment, comes the new inspiration, new idea, new….strength.

    The more you get hurt, the stronger and… wiser you become, because every time you are faced with something bad, cruel behavior, lies, stingy words, you have to come up with the new remedy, new resolution, to overcome it.