Reflections of the Warrior of Light

By Paulo Coelho

A warrior of the light never stumbles; but he knows how to distract his adversary.

However anxious he is, he plays with the resources of strategy in order to reach his objective. When he realizes his strength is running out, he makes the enemy believe he is in no rush. When he must attack on the right, he moves his troops to the left. If he intends to begin the fight immediately, he pretends he is sleepy and prepares himself for sleep.

The friends comment: “see how he has lost his enthusiasm “. He pays these comments no attention, for his friends know not the tactics of combat.

A warrior of light knows what he wants. There is no need to spend time explaining.

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  1. Yes, yes yes! I completely agree.

    “A warrior of light knows what he wants. There is no need to spend time explaining.”

    I think Jodie Foster must have meant the same thing when she said:
    “Being understood is not the most essential thing in life”

    well… some of the times at least!

    I guess this is another case of relativity.

    But yes, I agree.

  2. marco says:


    yeah we must all learn who we are and never give up, never give in!

  3. Kealan says:

    Like the matador

  4. Joan says:

    A warrior of the light must remember that life is not easy and he must we wise enough to use his resources properly.

    Complaining is easier than thinking.

    Looking for guilty people is easier than looking for solutions.

    Following with no thinking is much easier than having your own plans.


  5. vicky says:

    Enthusiasm, not being a disconnected dreaming but a deep belief.
    Enthusiasm doesn’t always wear a smile but can be silent and invisible too when it needs to be…


  6. wanbliska says:

    That story makes me think about a warrior we had in France. His name was Daniel Balavoine.
    When he decided he might sing rather than going on politics, he spent time in shadow. Maybe people did not understand his words.

    But one day he has been introduced to a big producer here in France: Leo Missir, that depended from the “Barclay’s House”. Eddie Barclay himself, was making fun about the singer, saying he was a camp…

    One day, Daniel went to see Leo anyway and said to him: “I agree to work with you, but I want to play the music I want, with the musicians I want”.
    Leo answered: “ok.”
    Daniel: “Ok? You agree with?”. Daniel couldn’t believe his ears, cause he had to fight a lot, not to always doing the music he rally wanted to.
    Leo: “I agree to”.
    Leo had liked that kind of forelock. That’s why he accepted, cause he felt he was face to someone that really knew what he wanted, despite the position of the big music entertainer. Someone who had nothing to loose, he had already.

    Then, he hold the terms of the contract to Daniel, but the latter did not want to hear about. The producer said: “So what? You don’t want to know how much you’ll win from our contract.
    And Daniel to answer: ” I don’t care about it. All I want to do is playing the music I want.”
    The answer totaly bluffed the producer that defended Daniel for years. And he has had to recognized, his insight was right; regarded to the millions of records they sold together.

    And we know here in France, that money went to poor people in France, in associations, that should come from behind government’s office. That money also went to implant solar wells in North Africa.

    A great Warrior of Light, anyway.

  7. Leaf says:

    LOVE to Annie

  8. Tania says:

    A warrior of light always knows what he wants ,and planning ,plotting is just part of the preparation that he needs before he attacks .blessings Tania

  9. Agnieszka says:

    Like every day is different, every moment brings new solutions, new ideas for reaction.
    What seems to be luck of response, it’s just different way of expressing it.


  10. Walaa Hamdan says:

    Preparing for a battle of my own..this is just what i needed to read..

    your writings find me exactly at the right time..
    Thank you paulo