The little daily hell

By Paulo Coelho

Thanks God, I have a lot of blessings in my life. Health, friends, a woman that I love, and a work that fulfills me. I am not saying that I am in Heaven, but at least I am not in Hell.

Hell, according to many religions, is an afterlife suffering where the wicked or unrighteous souls are punished. Within Islam and Christianity, Hell is traditionally depicted as fiery and painful. Some other traditions, however, portray Hell as cold and gloomy. Existence after life is not concrete in Judaism and may be portrayed as a state of neutrality, an eternal nothingness (“sheol”, often mis-translated as hell), simply non-life. For more details in several versions on different hells, please refer to my book “The devil and Miss Prym”.

Three days ago, for the sake of a mind game, some friends and I started to write down a list of things that would certainly make up our personal hell. Our intention was just look to our daily life and recognize what drive each one of us crazy.

Here is my list:
– Not having Internet access
– Not drinking coffee throughout the day
– Seeing all my computer files out of order (and having ANY problems with computers)
– Being forced to wear really colourful clothes from fashion designers
– Being obliged to wake up early and going to sleep early
– Having to attend endless lunches (dinners are OK for me)
– Not being able to take a nap in the afternoon
– Being forbidden to play pinball every now and then
– Being forbidden to do archery
– Waiting in queues
– Having to go to discotheques and talking loudly with friends that can’t hear me because of the noise
– When in the countryside, not walking every morning in the forests.

We all know that the blessings stated in the first paragraph ( health, faith, friends, love, personal legend) are by far the real values of life. But if you have to make a list of insignificant things that take you away from your daily Heaven, what would they be?

Please, this is just a game! But if you wish to participate you are welcome.

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  1. Suhail Gull says:

    1.Not offering 5times salah regularly.
    2.Being caged every now & then by the people.
    3.Inability to show hatred to the ones i really hate.
    4.Helplessness when i want to blow America.
    5.Being dependant on my father.
    6.Whenever i have to ask dad to buy me smething or the semester fee.
    7.Saying to my friends that i mean what they say when i want to shut their moyths up.
    8.Making my comment on what i really dont know about.
    9.Times when i have to make people understand the things i feel & mean.
    10.My face coz it contradicts the proverb,”face is the index of mind”!
    11.When they say ‘yes’ when they mean ‘no’.
    12.When she is around & i become much more careful about the words i use.
    13.When her eyes look for me always,& still her saying that she doesnt love me.
    14.Negativity abt everything.
    15.When people notice my presence & try to mask their trueselves.
    16.When i hear ill of ISLAM.
    17. When i become selfish & possessive about my belongings.

  2. Anass says:

    here is my list
    1. waking early at 6.30.
    2. forced to wait for a crowded bus for an hour.
    3. attend my classes late due to public transportation.
    4. as a Muslim, being obliged to stay in class while the Imam is calling for prayer.
    5. having problems with internet or my computer.

  3. Kiki says:

    - Cannot say “I love you” to the man I love;
    – My computer gets stuck;
    – Trapped in traffic jam;
    – Being bored and not knowing what to do;

  4. Odea says:

    1. My boss
    2. My job
    3. To not be able to say no
    4. To not express what I truly think because even for me some of my thoughts are really selfish and hurtful to other people
    5. My job
    6. My boss
    7. To know that I do every day something that I absolutely hate, but yet I keep doing it, and I dream every day of doing what I love, but I don’t have the strength to do it for real!
    8. To know that my marriage may be a failure, but I do nothing to change the circumstances.

  5. Ryan says:

    Oh and one more…

    -No matter how much i act off, i crave my soulmate or one of them if thats the case. So not sharing love with a woman is a big one too. Lol, now i am done.

  6. Ryan says:

    -not knowing who i am totally without hesitation.
    -not being able to see my dad when i please.
    -not knowing my purpose on earth or if i truely have one at all.
    -not being able to contact certain loved one’s that are gone, and not knowing where they went.
    -any discontent i have for myself
    -not being able to connect with nature and the universe the way i once thought i could.
    -not truely living life to the fullest.
    -My addictive personality.

    I know these are not typical little things to hate, but they are there in the back of my head constantly day in and day out,and i do beleive i hate them. The other stuff is no big deal.

  7. Layal says:

    And here is my list:
    – obliged to eat what I don’t want to even try.
    – obliged to meet with someone that I can not tolerate.
    – forbidden of going to the theater.
    – forbidden to see the people that I care for.
    – obliged to watch a movie that I hated for the second time.
    – forbidden of dancing or attending parties.
    – forbidden of listening to music.

  8. Ghada says:

    not being able to be with the person you love…
    not being able to convince the loved ones of your views and beliefs…
    not being able to have the minimum of financial life…
    not finding time to read good inspiring books at night in a warm bed, with warm lights …
    not being able to be spiritual always, we live in a material world…
    not being able to reach my dreams knowing that i FIGHT for them fiercly…
    not being able to raise my kids the best way…
    not being able to enjoy the gifts of nature everyday, sunset, sunshine, rain, stars, moon…
    not be able to sleep or eat well…
    being emotionaly and physically frustrated…
    not being able to dance like crazy while hearing music..
    enough i think… :)

  9. yollanda meiva says:

    1. boss said something stupid that not related to the work
    2. boss never had a meeting on monday
    3. omG, i hate my boss, i never felt motivated by him

  10. Burcu says:

    Although I (and probably most of the crowd) call every little problem in our daily lives as a cause of ‘hell’ ,
    when I answer this question without considering the sudden; but fading nervous breakdowns due to duties and responsibilites in daily life, I come up with one answer:

    Realizing the harshness of today’s life style, in return of growing-up.
    that’s my little everyday hell.

  11. Ahmed says:

    -Not able to be with the person you love
    -Putting up with people who talk alot
    -Being rushed by other people
    -Hearing distructive comments from people who do nothing themselves
    -Meeting and talking with hipocrates
    -Seeing people not believing how the road looks like, while you are just back from the trip

  12. ana says:

    waiting 4 him 2 cum back….which he wont:((

    1. Luis says:

      You never know….

  13. paulamyka says:

    waiting for his text message
    waiting for his surprise that i know its not possible
    waiting for my best friend to accept my apology
    being late
    train station..i cant get my way out
    running out of money
    not enough sleep
    working at night(im doing this for 3 years now)
    answering Calls…

  14. Marie-Christine says:

    - faire la queue et attendre les gens qui sont en retard.
    – ecouter les gens qui parlent sans arret – (ca me fait tourner la tete).
    – bien manger et terminer avec un bon dessert Yam!
    – ecouter la musique que j’aime “loud” Quelle ambiance!
    – mon parfum
    – j’aime faire un petit dodo (mon peche mignon)
    – un bon livre
    – ecouter la pluie tapoter sur le toit
    – l’accent francais – ca me manque –
    – regarder un beau coucher de soleil.

  15. Marie-Christine says:

    Who is naughty there?

  16. Double Ace says:

    Are you British?

  17. AceAngel says:

    - A year without sex :D

  18. gajananda says:

    you can’t beleive. we don’t have light 18 hours a week. we have scarcity of water. mobile network is not functioning despite you pay. i can’t even think of petty personal matters as a problem. don’t you think its more than a hell

  19. Dessy says:

    Whenever I had bad time with anything, I used to think it was a hell. Yet after sometime, when I look back, I just laugh at how silly and egocentric I was.

    Thus, my everyday-hell is when I cannot see good things around me and when I am not being grateful of what life has given me.

  20. Isabel says:

    -To be surrounded by “serious” people who think constantly in economical terms.
    -Cannot travel freely all around the world.
    -Cannot learn.
    -Cannot dream.
    -To be enclosed in a silly definition.
    -Of course, to be ill.

  21. sean says:

    hmmm lets see.

    1. wishing i could be with her but knowing that its probably time to move on.

    2. being told what i cant do befor i have ever even been given the chance to try.

    3. afte being told so may times, thinking that it may actally be me, but it realy is not.

  22. marci says:

    everyday hells:

    being close to something truly beautiful and not being able to touch it

    living other people’s dreams

    living through patriarchal programming

    hell is not living moment to moment integrity

    hell is living in a country where Rush Limbaugh is #1 talk host

    hell is seeing the consequences so many daily cash cows cloaked as sacred cows

    hell is going thru spontaneous k awakening in a land that does not have a clue about the goddess or sacred life force. . .it is also divine. . .

  23. Lilli da Silva says:

    *Att aldrig mer få skratta tills jag gråter.
    *Att bli svartmålad av en psykopat.
    *Inte få/ha pengar nog att hjälpa alla hemlösa djur/människor
    *Vara utan mitt kaffe under hela dagen
    *Att vara utan pengar till cigaretter
    *Inte få hänga vid min dator med mitt morgonkaffe.
    *Behöva jobba 9-5 jobb.
    *Inte få ta del av din kärlek, visdom och styrka. :)
    *inte få ett samtal från varken vänner, kärlek el familj under hella dagen.
    *Att någon tömmer mitt bankkonto.

  24. Neto S. says:

    things that makes my day a living hell:

    – no inspiration what so ever…
    – wait for somebody to do my work…
    – being stuck into empty conversation…
    – not feel loved…
    – not see the family that i can not be with….
    – see my stepson waisting his life in pointless appoitnments with the t.v.
    – not step up for my ideas….

  25. Bhupendra says:

    Having taken lots of loans

  26. Bhupendra says:

    Having a mobile which is charged ,sim bill paid ,but due to virus it is not working.

  27. Og says:

    - not to be free
    – not to see the person I love and my family
    – to do what I don’t like to do( especially at work…)
    – being with somebody really annoying and waisting my time for an empty conversation
    – to be stuck in a rutine, to be bored and tired
    – to be angry with myself for being such a undeceisive person
    – to choose and make a serious decisions in life
    – to accept the reality
    – to live without access to the nature
    – not to have a possibility to express myself in a creative ways

  28. Alexa says:

    There is nothing worse than not being able to see the persons you love everyday.

  29. Marcel from Switzerland says:

    The small things in life that make me go crazy:

    – everyday the son is not shining
    – a day without doing at least some small sport
    – a boss looking down on me
    – not knowing what to eat for lunch
    – no time to access my emails
    – a day without my friends

    there you go. This are the small things in life that make me go crazy

  30. Scott says:

    My own personal hell? No guitar to play, tasteless food, loss of chemistry with women, no pen or journal to write my thoughts with, no color, no friends, no love.

  31. Lynette says:

    Hell – just a manifestation of lifes little materialist inconveniences?

    What if we had-:

    1. No sunshine to warm our bones
    2. No night to sleep and recharge the batteries
    3. No love that left the heart parched, dry and thirsting
    4. No water to drink, that can lubricate my mind and body
    5. No earth knowing that man has sucked all its vital forces
    6. and FINALLY No God in my life

    All else is just fairy floss!!!!!!!

  32. Stinger says:

    Hell for me are the following:
    – waking up really early in the morning;
    – travelling to work;
    – unproductive noise of officemates/workmates;
    – dealing with students who are not interested with schooling;
    – having to deal with aged superiors.

    But at the end of the day, praying won’t be as meaningful if I don’t have those things to bear. It’s just a matter of trusting and belivine thaty God won’t give me my daily hells if He knows I can’t bear each of them.

    This is the life!

  33. Joe says:

    At some time in my life going without any of the things in my life (my kids, my lover, coffee, chocolate, yoga, my car) could have been hell. But now I have gone without all of them for some time at some time. It ain’t so bad. Same for the bad things that have happened: before they showed up their apparition would have seemed hellish. But I’ve live thru far worse than I could have fathomed. But I am still here. Was that, is this hell? Sometimes…. Sometimes heaven.

    Everyday-Hell seems to be more in the choices I make every day: the choices as to whether I am in hell or in heaven. The stuff is the same either way. Does a problem occur as hellish, or funny? Hell is when I forget my gift of being who I am. Hell is when I forget to be here, now. Hell is when I judge someone instead of stay tender about them. Hell is when I hate the same job I loved yesterday. Hell is waking up in the morning hating the relentlessness of life instead of leaning on the foundation of my routines. Hell is pretending anyone is forcing me to do or not to do my yoga or anything else. Heaven is fun and everything is funny::Hell sucks and nothing is funny – but what is _in_ either heaven or hell is exactly the same!

  34. lil_girl says:

    - no coffee and sweets

    – no good music

    – no internet and cellphone access

    – being forced to do daily workouts

    – waiting

    – losing my train of thoughts

    – fear of the unknown

  35. jihene says:

    -Having to hear lies all the time.
    -Loving someone who doesn’t know I even exist
    -Having to study away from my hometown and away from the people I love most.
    -Freaking out about exams
    -Facing others’ critics and their judgments about the way I look, the kilos I’ve put on and stuff like that.
    -Struggling with my allergy
    you know what, there’s much more to be thankful for. Let’s remain positive, I’m not saying that we should ignore our problems, but it’s preferable to be optimistic and accept the fact that life is bitter AND sweet at once.

  36. Clarissa says:

    1. Waiting for a phone call, text message or any sort of response from the man I’d obsessively tried to reach for 10 hours.

    2. Sitting through a Sunday sermon given by any Bush-supporter, or any preacher who equates terrorism with Islam.

    3. Walking through a road shaded by palm trees and hearing the chirps of birds without the one I wish could hold my hand.

    4. Coming to a wedding and being bombarded with those dreadful questions; “what will you do after you graduate?” “when will you marry, where is the lucky man?” “have you gained weight?”

    5. But worst of all, feeling so alone and unanswered during my times of prayer to the One I believe in.

  37. Rosie says:

    - no coffee for a day
    – no mobile phone for a day
    – queuing for cabs
    – waiting for people
    – being thristy (i’m a fish, i live on H2O)
    – having little sleep
    – having to miss yoga classes due to work
    – not having breakfast ( my day cant get started)