Reflections of the Warrior of the Light

By Paulo Coelho

The correct vibration

The warrior of the light knows it is impossible to live in a state of total relaxation.

He has learned from the archer that in order to fire the arrow into the distance, one must keep the bow taut. He has learned from the stars that only an inner explosion allows them to shine. The warrior notes that, upon negotiating an obstacle, the horse tenses its muscles.

But he never mistakes tension for nervousness.

Discipline and compassion

The warrior of the light always manages to balance Severity and Mercy. To reach one’s dream, one must have a firm will – and an enormous capacity for giving oneself up.

Although he has an objective, the path leading there is not always that which he imagines.

This is why the warrior uses discipline and compassion. God never abandons his children – but His designs for Providence are unfathomable, and He builds our road using our own steps.

Using discipline and deliverance, the warrior does not allow his gestures to become a routine. A habit can never command important movements.

Accepting destiny

The moment he starts walking, a warrior of the light recognizes the Way. Each rock, each bend welcomes him. He identifies with the mountains and brooks, sees a little of his soul in the plants, animals and birds of the field.

Then, by accepting help from God and God’s Signs, he allows his Personal Legend to guide him towards the duties his life has reserved for him.

Some nights he has nowhere to sleep, on others he suffers from insomnia. He discovers the suffering of certain lost illusions, and the despair of bestowing too much expectation on important moments.

“Such is the Way,” thinks the warrior. “It was I decided to take this route.”

All his power lies in this phrase. He chose the path along which he walks, and must not complain.

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  1. You have mentioned one point here ‘accepting destiny’. Does one have to really accept destiny? Why not try to change it? Can it really be done?

    By the way, now it has become easier to receive your latest posts via email. Will you please subscribe to mine also, if I am not asking for too much?

  2. wanbliska says:

    Nervousness is not a good thing, as it changes nothing. On the contrary, it affects the soul. No good.

    Discipline is something I really miss. By now, I want to do nearly than nothing. Though I have one hundred ideas in my head.

    “Such is the Way” she said under her shower.

    “And must not complain”. Sometimes she said also: “hey oh anybody there ?”
    No good also. It is like denying what is truly operating within her.
    But it happened yesterday.


  3. Monika says:

    On the one hand you are saying the warrior chose the path he walked himself on the other hand you are saying he has to accept destiny. How can you distinguish whether you had made a choise by your own or whether you are on the way you are walking because of destiny and providence? Do we really have the posibility to chose our path free?
    If not the sentence it was I decided to take this route has to be reconsidered.

  4. Mateo says:

    gracias Paulo por la edición 170 del guerrero,a través de mi experiencia en la red,he descubierto mi propia capacidad de escribir con tal fluidez,que a veces hasta yo mismo me sorprendo de lo que escribo,como si alguien me dictara lo que he de poner,
    normalmente,suelo hacerlo a raiz de los comentarios,correos o blogs de otros,lo que me lleva a la duda de si no seré demasiado narcisista o es que en el fondo,todo escritor es narcisista por naturaleza.De lo que sí­ me he dado cuenta,es de que escribir se ha convertido en una necesidad,sobretodo porque al escribir sobre mis pensamientos o sentimientos me siento libre.
    Hay frases tuyas y de otra gente célebre que viajan por todo el mundo impregnando de sabidurí­a las experiencias de los demás,ayudando a vivir la vida con entusiasmo,a raiz de ésto un dí­a vino a mi pensamiento una frase-deseo que viaja conmigo desde entonces,y que se ha convertido en mi santo y seña personal,y que a continuación te dejo,tal y como te la dejé en su dí­a,cuando me agregaste a tu myspace.

  5. Tania says:

    I think if you trust and place yourself in Gods hands then not only are you under Grace ,but you are being guided to see ,stop and go with the flow ..if you complain then you are not trusting the process of life or God.
    Things are under constant change and the warrior now knows he can use his heart to communicate with when facing any fears ,nervousness will be healed once the heart has relaxed both the warrior and what
    he is facing …a good heart to heart helps everyone understand the situation ..

    Blessings Tania

  6. Agnieszka says:

    All of this is true,
    yes, we should follow our dreams, let the intuition and destiny guides us..
    but there are moments, situations when something tells you that all of this is just a big illusion;
    your senses push you to go on, but your mind tells you something’s not right. It is hard to decide which one to follow. All the signs are so mixed up, so unclear, that even your heart is confused;
    one day you think, that’s my path, the other, brings you only doubts.
    Life is a big puzzle, full of surprises and unsolved mysteries.
    How can you know who’s giving you a hand, the angel or the devil, if both can have the same face?
    I guess we can only remember, what You wrote: “the devil says – I will help you, and the angel – I am helping you.”