Three stories of Iranian mysticism

By Paulo Coelho

Nasrudin’s turban

Nasrudin appeared at court wearing a magnificent turban and asking for money for charity.

– you come here asking for money, but wear such an expensive ornament upon your head. How much was that extraordinary piece? – asked the sovereign.

– Five hundred gold coins – replied the wise Sufi.

The minister whispered: “That is a lie. No turban costs such a fortune.”

Nasrudin insisted:

– I have not come here only to ask for money, I am also here to negotiate. I paid that much money for the turban, for I knew that in the whole world only one king would be capable of buying it for six hundred coins, so that I can give the profit to the poor.

This sultan was flattered and paid the sum Nasrudin ask. On his way out, the wise man said to the minister:

– You may know the value of turbans, but I know how far vanity can lead a man.

Accepting compassion

– How do we purify the world?- asked a disciple.

Ibn al-Husayn replied:

– There was once a sheik in Damascus called Abu Musa al-Qumasi. Everyone honored him for his great wisdom, but no one knew whether he was a good man.

“One afternoon, a construction fault caused the house where the sheik lived with his wife, to collapse. The desperate neighbors began to dig the ruins; eventually, they managed to locate the sheik’s wife.

“She said: “Don’t worry about me. First save my husband, who was sitting somewhere over there.”

“The neighbors removed the rubble from the area she indicated, and found the sheik. He said: “Don’t worry about me. First save my wife, who was lying somewhere over there.”

“When someone acts as this couple did, he is purifying the whole world.”

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  1. Alexandra says:

    If we do not experience the hard part of the things, how should one know when he feels good?For the story of Nasrudin, we may notice that witt along with charity has the best results. Because how dangerous are those who think they help the other but they only do harm.

  2. Tania says:

    I love these ,there beautiful stories .
    Blessings ~Tania~

  3. Nicole says:

    Vanity of mankind. Tell me about it.
    You have a lot of that here in Kuwait ;)

    And I love Dandelions. They are beautiful and make for great photographs :D

  4. Agnieszka says:

    Those are the beautiful examples of what’s most important in life;
    – to help others, not thinking about yourself, especially in the moments of tragedy, death,
    – being humble, because beautiful “things” in life don’t cost a thing; love don’t cost a thing,
    – respect and love all the people around, despite their faults, weaknesses, sins.
    No one is without a sin, every one can hate sometimes, make mistakes and doubt many times in life, but…it doesn’t mean that this person….don’t love…that this person doesn’t have a light inside, and that it should be treated without dignity or respect.

    love to all

  5. El Dormido says:

    I was walking down my street of urban decay and a young black boy was standing on a small hillside of grass with 5 stalks of the dandelion thistle clutched in his hand. There was wonder there in that moment, innocence captivated by the fierce and persistent weed that propagates in such a whimsical way… The first strong breath and it is all gone…