Reflections of the Warrior of the Light

By Paulo Coelho

The warrior of the light is not afraid of appearing to be mad.

He talks aloud to himself even when he is alone. Someone taught him that this is the best way of communicating with the angels, and he ventures this contact.

To begin with, he notes how difficult it is. He thinks he has nothing to say, that he will do nothing but repeat nonsense.

Nevertheless, the warrior persists. He speaks with his heart all day long. He says things he does not agree with, talks nonsense.

One day, he perceives a change in his voice. And he understands that he is channeling a greater wisdom.

The warrior appears to be mad, but this is only a disguise. He has dared to seek the information he required from his angel, and has succeeded in obtaining it.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    I recognize in the text many of the things with which I agree,the Universal language, the “madness” that you need to pass trough difficulties.I should remember that many genial personalities were considered at least strange.E.A.Poe.,Dostoievsky,J.Joyce,Einstein,not talking about poor Giordano Bruno, or C.Columbus.They all were considered almost mad,but they are remembered even today as Great men.I sholud preffer to be considered a little mad, but to let a sign after me.

  2. Agnieszka says:

    Thank you Paul, it’s nice to have a warrior like you here.

  3. Tania says:

    Also – the warrior at times actually answers himself as well, and you know what they say about that dont you .Could be a sign of madness ?? I think warriors come across as a bit mad but they are really quite compassionate ,caring people who are always on a mission to do the best ,be the best that they can be whilst honoring themselves and the people that they love on this magical journey ,and part of that is not worrying what others think about them ..thats what makes them different ,they have knowledge and wisdom and their angels to guide them . Then again I might be just talking jibberish …lol.As I always say like attracts like …warriors see this in other warriors .Have a good weekend!
    Blessing Tania

  4. -gut feeling - says:

    always follow your intuition.
    muito obrigado.

  5. Agnieszka says:

    Dear Annie,

    But…YOU are the warrior!!!!
    believe that!
    Remember every one of us has such moments, that’s life as we know…is like a puzzle.
    How then can we go through easily, when finding each piece and figure it out where to put it is such a challenging thing to do?
    And you are…so …beautiful.
    your angel is always beside you, always.

    lots of love

  6. Agnieszka says:

    hmm… all of these shows that in the heart of the warrior lies the touch of madness…?
    and if the heart gets a little crazy…does the angel accept such a behavior?
    are these the steps to….his wisdom..?


  7. Liara Covert says:

    Someone who unconditionally loves the self does not seek external approval or even have an interest in that. To reach deeply into the self opens doors to communication in such a way that what was known before seems like illusion and the here and now becomes all there is.