Reflections of the Warrior of the Light – Valuing one’s companion

By Paulo Coelho

A warrior knows that his finest masters are the people with whom he shares the battlefield.

Asking for advice is dangerous. Giving advice is even more of a risk. When he needs help, he tries to see how his friends resolve – or fail to resolve – their problems.

If he seeks inspiration, he reads on the lips of his neighbor, the words his guardian angel wishes to impart to him.

When he is tired or lonely, he does not dream of distant men or women; he seeks those by his side, and shares his pain or necessity for comfort – with pleasure and without guilt.

A warrior knows that the most distant star in the Universe manifests itself in the world around him.

Knowing how to ask for help

When he suffers some injustice, a warrior generally seeks to remain alone – so as not to show his pain to others.

This behavior is both good and bad at the same time.

It is one thing to allow your heart to gradually cure its own wounds. Another is to remain in deep meditation every day, afraid of appearing to be weak.

Within each of us there is an angel and a demon, and their voices are very similar. Faced with a difficulty, the demon nourishes solitary conversation, by showing us how vulnerable we are. The angel makes us reflect on our attitudes, and sometimes uses someone else’s tongue to manifest itself.

A warrior balances loneliness and dependency, with the help of others.

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  1. barbara says:

    Thank you Mr.Coelho,

    Thank you for your words, your love, your compassion. Sometimes I feel I’m so effing crazy, you always do what’s right and simply cencor me, I thank you. I have much more to discover about myself than I realize. I don’t really want to post this but I really want to thank you.


  2. Marie-Christine says:

    “Valuing one’s companion” is valuing yourself first.
    “Knowing how to ask for help?”
    trying to get that one around my head still, it is mystery in the making, guess you have to like your ownn company first, being alone has its advantages and disadvantages, some days are better than others, a battle field is never a pretty sight , feels at times a bit like the “sky is falling down on you”, you learn not to take things personally by detaching yourself from the situation, they say time heals and it does; also.asking for advices is dangerous as people might interpret it the wrong way and complaining is of no use to you, so you have to brush that aside, to keep things in perspective I believe you must not take yourself too seriously as well and have a good laugh at yourself. angels manifest themselves in all kinds of way and as long as you remain alert and follow your intuition and the signs the outcome can only improve.You are always your best counsellor anyway I think it is important to remind yourself of that often.

    “Shining”-You shine on!:)

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  4. Agnieszka says:

    Our eyes are the mirror of the soul; nothing can hide. Whenever we feel bad, it simply shows. It is necessary to keep the balance between the solitude and openness. When someone has an open nature there’s no chance in hiding, anyway. Anything can be said, and should be said in order to feel better, to clean the situation that’s bothering us, to some extend of course. And…the words of an angel can be heard…anywhere, here from all of you friends, or even in a stranger mouth…and if we listen in silence we can hear it…inside.

    love to you all

  5. Tania says:

    Only the finest ..will do very true !
    You know what I love ,it was the story about the bird in the cage that Maria wrote ,it makes perfect sense and it is how love should be ..also I am right at the end of the book but I am sad to finish it ,as it has been a beautiful story and I loved every minute of it ..but like all good books you want to finish it but also not finish it ! I could see the whole thing in my mind ..Thank you it was great company .Blessings Tania