Reflections of the Warrior of the Light – The right measure

By Paulo Coelho

The warrior of the light knows how to recognize an enemy who is stronger.

If he decides to confront him, he will immediately be destroyed. If he accepts his provocations, he will fall into the trap.

So he uses diplomacy to overcome the difficult situation in which he finds himself. When the enemy acts like a baby, he does the same. When he calls him to combat, he pretends not to understand.

His friends comment: “he is a coward.”

But the warrior pays no attention to the comment; he knows that all the anger and courage of a bird are of no use in a confrontation with a cat.

In situations such as this, the warrior is patient. He knows the enemy will soon depart and provoke others.

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  1. wanbliska says:

    Paul from Austria,

    You’re true, we definitely can’t win with anger, even if the opponent throws in the towel- would be better ;)

    Thank you for your words. Indeed I thank my God for helping me in using what’s already within reach… :)

  2. Hope says:

    Dear Daniel and Paul, the two of you pretty much sum up the feelings I have about this quote. If I had known the power of patience and Word earlier in my years, I would have saved myself from striking when in confrontation. But when one has only known the way of the sword, diplomacy is often disregarded.
    The Warrior of light knows when he is being tested, I am very happy to recognize these challenges today. My voice is strong and I have discovered its powers.
    Patience truly a virtue ……Diplomacy the channel to all good.
    Love to you all. Hope

  3. wanbliska says:

    I agree with you.
    This is about the moment. I think we can escape to it, after recognizing it. And work on it. But I fail again sometimes.
    Stimuli can lead us to anger, but from where do that energy come in real? This is a mystery. I could think it is inside me, and someday the simple opposite.

  4. Tania says:

    We all know who is smarter -Its tweedy bird not Sylvester .
    I thought I”d saw a putty tat ..
    Blessings Tania

  5. Gabriela says:

    Oh my God!
    What a difficult and REAL situation!
    This is the best way to deal with it!

  6. Daniel says:

    In this excerpt from “The Warrior of the Light”, I believe Paulo was writing about self-control. It is an easy thing to have when at peace, but in times of provocation, it becomes the fight of a life. At any time in ones life, we can be called upon to exercise ultimate self-control, but all to often we make rash decisions on a whim, without thinking about it. We have to look at each and every individual moment as a test…a chance to prove we have what it takes to make rational decisions in times of immence pressure. That is why it takes a warriors spirit. It is the battle within that is most great. What happends on the outside matters not if the decisions we make are made with courage and based on what our heart tells us.
    Thank You

  7. wanbliska says:

    I understand quite well, since it happened to me yesterday. Unfortunately, I did not manage to be diplomat first.
    The person I’m talking about was in my house, speaking with another. I did not have to show that was MY house, nor about my authority above the situation. But I did.
    Then, I felt suddendly empty and really nervous, though the man was very calm. Maybe too calm.
    In that case, I was the ennemy… But this “too obvious” calm from him, questionned me. So I calmed down immediately, -maybe unconsciously-, and accept that sudden intrusion at my place.
    That permitted me to guess his schemes little by little. As we say in France: “I stopped to give him the stick to be beaten”.
    But I am under the impression, that without that behaviour of mine, he would have gone on making as if he was the master in my place. To rule the world of my family.
    Despite of this, during the conversation, I discovered the man was just a blimp, that put problems where there were not, in order to mask he’s afraid about loosing his job.
    Then I was diplomat, I found he couldn’t take anything from me. And also, I could read in his feeling, as if he was naked. Though I did not do anything to.
    “The beast”, as I could say, “tried to struggle” a little bit just before leaving, but it was without mattering about our family’s shield.

    We definitely can’t win with anger, unless the opponent throws in the towel. The better glasses are those of diplomacy.

    Thanks a lot. It would help for my new writing.

  8. Agnieszka says:

    Yes, the bird cannot win with the cat, though I still don’t like the idea of …an enemy.
    I think that if one is treated with love and respect even the cat can become a friend of the bird and vice versa.