Reflections of the Warrior of the Light – Fighting the one you love

By Paulo Coelho

The warrior of the light sometimes fights the one he loves.

He has learned that silence means the absolute balance of the body, spirit and soul. The man who preserves his unity will never be dominated by the storms of existence; he has the strength to overcome the difficulties and move forwards.

However, he often feels challenged by those whom he teaches the sword. His disciples call him to combat.

And the warrior shows his capability: with a few blows, he throws down the students’ weapons, and the harmony returns to the place where they are gathered.

“Why do that, if you are so superior?”, asks a traveler.

“Because, in this way, I keep open a dialogue,” answers the warrior.

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  1. guerrier says:

    “Qui te fait du bien te lie, qui te fait du mal te libere. La liberte surpasse les fers.”
    Hakim Al termiz Maitre soufi, 9eme siecle

  2. Agnieszka says:

    “He has learned that silence means the absolute balance of the body, spirit and soul.”
    “to the one who’ll overcome himself, I’ll feed from the tree of life…”
    – revelation of St. John


  3. Alexandra says:

    Now I remember some fight with my favourite professor.We ended being very close,closer than to other students that approved him only hoping for some good grants,Of course,I always read everything required by his course,even more.Regarding my lover,is the worst thing he can do if he did not reply at my fight.Anyway,iportant thing is that we return in good relations after clarifying things.