Reflections of The Warrior of The Light – Accepting Pardon

By Paulo Coelho

The warrior of the light has learned that it is better to follow light. He has betrayed, lied, strayed from his path, courted darkness. And everything continued to work out – as if nothing had happened.

However suddenly the abyss comes. One can take a thousand safe steps – and one single step too much can destroy everything.

It is this consciousness which causes the warrior to change the course of his steps.

Upon making this decision, he hears four comments: “You always acted wrongly. You are too old to change. You are no good. You are not worthy.”

So he looks skywards. And a voice says: “well, dear friend, everyone has done wrong. You are forgiven, but I cannot force this pardon. You must decide.”

The true warrior of the light accepts the pardon.

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  1. Mick Latimer says:

    only when we forgive ourselfs can we forgive others. Only when we love ourselfs can we love others this is a gift from God

  2. sandra says:

    Yeah, yeah, forgiving oneself is difficult, but let’s focus on the “taking precautions” aspect of your statement. Sounds like a loophole. Is it a way to have one’s sin and forgiveness, too?

  3. wanice says:

    It is no accident that the word “give” is embedded in the word “forgiveness.”
    It is a gift we give to others and also one we give ourselves.
    Because in forgiving, we are set free.
    Sometimes we want to forgive, but we just do not know how…especiallhy if someone we love has been unjustly hurt and wounded…in times like these, I say to God, I want to forgive but I do not know how…please forgive through me…and he does…desire and willingness go a long way…in all reality, doesn’t true forgiveness come from God anyway?

  4. Yvette says:

    I have been reading the Warrior of the Light and it has immensely changed my life’s direction. With this particular book, I understood better the meaning of true humility and bravery.
    Thank you for these significant passages. They truly guide a lost soul.

    Yvette – Philippines

  5. Gracielle says:

    There is a lesson in every action we do good or bad..Once we realize we made a mistake we must accept that it is part of our growing..The lesson is only complete once we have forgiven ourselves.

  6. the important is not to forget but to let go…

  7. Sibila Maria India says:

    Dear Alexandra,

    When we accept pardon, we start opening our hearts towards ourselves again – by this we stop being lost. We´ve all messed up in our lives, we all have things we really deeply regret, if we have the courage to admit it to ourselves. So called “enormous failures” can turn out to be some of the deepest lessons of our lives because we learn so much from them. They can become opening cross-roads so we choose differently on-ward and start healing. Be kind to yourself…..!

  8. Alexandra says:

    Just the right moment for me to read that.Many people tell you this,but I must add my thanks to their.I really needed that kind of words now more than ever.Seem taken from my life.Good to know someone like you,so one cant be lost.Take care,bye

  9. Sibila Maria India says:

    Accepting pardon is for me one of the most powerful, life-enhancing choices we can dare to take. Often it´s one of the most difficult things to do. Forgiveness is given to us. To forgive ourselves takes sometimes tremendous courage. It makes our lives true again.

  10. Liz Tapawa says:

    I am humbled to be able to communicate with you.i have read all your books and in each of them i find a lesson.about your question.
    No the past should not be hidden,
    it is therapy to talk about it
    It is courage to share your past with all of us strangers
    It is on a great man, who can let people into his life like you have done in this new book.
    I look forward to reading it.
    I write from a country in Africa called Kenya, city Nairobi. Hopefully one day, your journeys might bring you to my country, it is beautiful.