Reflections of the Warrior of the Light – Like a child

By Paulo Coelho

The warrior of the light behaves like a child.

People are shocked. They forget that each one of us must have fun, play, be a little irreverent, ask importune and immature questions, and say foolish things that we ourselves don’t even believe.

People are outraged: “Is that the spiritual path? He is simply not mature! He’s more like a child.”

The warrior is proud of this comment, because he knows that the logical consequence of maturity is decay. Thus in nature, so it is in life.

And he preserves his innocence and joy, without ever losing sight of his mission.

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  1. iliuta says:

    To believe like a child, how can we do it?

    Do we have to remember how we was then(when we was a child)?
    Do we have to forget all of our life and rebirth?
    [is that -two quest- the same thing?]
    all I know right now is do not take ourself in serious too much.

    ps: I am looking for an answer from anybody. thanks!

  2. THELMA says:

    It is said that children, until the age of seven[sacred number], live with their Soul open and connected to Heaven…Most of us may remember it ….: talking to the birds, flowers, animals and sometimes to invisible creatures…. Then logic, and material learning begins and we forget everything.. We put our “clothes” for this dimension on. Only Saints and ….poets can break the boundaries and live fully. I think that a Warrior of Light, having light as his target, gradually becomes like …a child in order to return to his true home…LOVE, THELMA

  3. shannon miles says:

    Hello my favorite author your message is truly magical I have been wondering where my inner child is hiding I need help and i wr9ote you a deep letter but Im not sure where to send your fan mail where you will get it the soonest Im in USA BLAGGHHHH sorry but you are an inspiration I inhale your novels over and again and give them away to people in need. Plese bless me with an address so I can send this letter that made me put down the Zahir to write its important to me when you have a free moment please read thank you and wishing you love universally Shannon miles

  4. And he preserves his innocence and joy, without ever losing sight of his mission.

  5. Cordelia says:

    Sure we should care for, and cherish our child inside. At the same time as we mature to become adults to parent our children… Too many adults confuse this with “acting” like children, refusing to grow up.
    Children are not always happy. They too have personalities, moods, can be manipulative and innocent and much more all at the same time. They are fragile and always true to themselves. The biggest difference between children and an adults is though that children just simply ARE…

  6. Pedro Nunes says:

    “O espí­rito do Guerreiro ní£o se queixa de nada, porque ní£o nasceu para ganhar ou perder. Nasceu para lutar e cada batalha é a última.”
    Paulo Coelho
    A leitura destas suas palavras na revista do “EL Paí­s” deste fim-de-semana foi bastante inspiradora e reconfortante.

  7. Tania says:

    Thats very true ..we must have time for play ..otherwise we become very grumpy /sad and feel trapped ..Joy is like the fountain of youth ..we would be silly not to drink from this ..Love Tania

  8. Alexandra says:

    Children behaves in a genuine way,they dont pretend,and they surely are happy.Why not follow their wisdom?

  9. wanbliska says:

    Yes, I maybe lost 20 years in a second. :)

  10. r4f4 says:

    Why only in english Paulo?