The stories of the desert priests

By Paulo Coelho

During the early part of the Christian era, the monastery at Scete became a center where many people gathered. After renouncing everything they had, they went to live in the desert surrounding the monastery. Many of the teachings of these men have been collected and published in numerous books.

Behave like others

Abbot Pastor was walking with a monk from Scete when they were invited for a meal. The host, honored by the holy men’s presence, served only the finest dishes.

However, the monk was fasting; as soon as the food arrived, he took a pea and chewed it slowly. He only ate that one pea, during the whole meal.

As they left, Abbot Pastor called him:

– Brother, when you pay a visit, do not render your holiness an offense. The next time you are fasting, do not accept an invitation to dine.

The monk understood what Abbot Pastor said. From then on, whenever he was with others, he behaved as they did.

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  1. No lo sé,
    Si fuera el anfitrión hubiese respetado el deseo de ayunar del invitado, sin darle más importancia y si fuese el invitado quizás no hubiese ido o bien hubiese hecho una excepción. Y el pastor puede ver la situación y comprenderlo, porque con amor en los ojos se comprende esa actuación. No creo que haya que ser tan rí­gido, cada uno actúa según cree que debe hacerlo y hay que respetarlo. Otra cosa seria que el invitado tire o desprecie la comida del anfitrión y otra que el anfitrión pretendiera obligar al invitado a comer o lo ridiculizara o le intentara hacer sentir mal porque no comió.
    Si somos flexibles deberia ser por ambas partes y no dejar el peso de la historia en el hombre que se comió el guisante porque este hace lo cree mejor para él y su fe.
    Para mí­ el pastor no tiene razón, si él piensa así­, pues que actúe él así­ si alguna vez está en esa situación pero no es quien para recriminar la voluntad, decisión y forma de entender la fe de otra persona.
    Un beso

  2. wanbliska says:

    No comprendo

  3. Tania says:

    Who eats one pea for a whole meal ..not very filling and the Abbott was right , you should not dine if you are on a fast …if you attend its rude not to accept the fine food that the Abbott prepared for the monk .Its like being invited to any event and not participating in it because of this or that ..why go ? if your not going to be joyful ,thankful or grateful for the persons efforts .
    Blessings Tania

  4. leafytunes says:

    i took a really long time to learn this lesson! question is, Paulo, how do pple behave on ur website? seems like to accept everyone! (or maybe i just don’t know about the replies you censor.)