Quote of the Day

By Paulo Coelho

The Warrior of Light unwittingly takes a false step and plunges into the abyss.
(Manual of the Warrior of Light)

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  1. aditya says:

    don’t tell me he starts to whistle as he enjoys the fall now; while desparately looking for something to hold on to and then sooner than later he finds it ( his own courage, never say die spirit ) and as Annie says, reach up and fly again !!!

    how romantic no ! this whole business of being a wol. romancing life itself !! like all real romances, it is not always a bed of roses !


  2. THELMA says:

    Mistakes are the ‘lesson’ and may lead us to another road or to the “abyss”, but since they do not kill us we still have the time to make it up, if it concerns other human beings, and get a forgiveness. The soul of the warrior must have the strength to emerge from the abyss with the wisdom and knowledge he has acquired and with the belief that at the end the Light is waiting … LOVE Thelma

  3. Nanci says:

    hmmmm. Frustrating, to be sure, but even if this happens he will know that there are no false steps because every step leads you somewhere.

  4. Alexandra says:

    Man is exposed to the failure,if one not take care on wich path is going on,can happen that .Eyes wide opened,guys,as I always adviced.But I am sure Paulo would think for a happy end.thanks ,bye bye

  5. wanbliska says:

    And then he takes him a long time to get back to the bridge, that has no railings.

    It seems to me I don’t really fall into it, maybe there’s a net between. But maybe I’m lying to myself, and one day the abyss will really have me bad…

  6. Monika says:

    Bloody hell! You have to be careful!

  7. aditya says:

    after that what !