Today’s Question by Aart Hilal

Do you believe in God?

Of course. And I hope that God also believes in me and my work.


  1. marmara says:

    claro que acredito…aliás sou uma das bandas desenhadas que ele costuma gostar de ler…;)

  2. wanbliska says:

    Sometimes I tell to myself, She believes constantly in me, while I don’t.
    Maybe She believes more in me, than I do.

  3. zingsho says:

    yes i do believe in God! but i still need to find the truth so that i won’t have tight tongue when anyone asked me that alters God’s existance!!! well i’m searching!

  4. Ivan says:

    yes i do

    for God is in all of us and in every step of our short time in these life.

    Please see this Beautiful video

    enjoy and take care.

  5. I do believe in God, but not in the way many people think of, I believe in God as a massive force that has no shape, something that is everywhere and makes everything in the Universe possible :)

    I don’t believe in religions, but I believe n God FOR SURE! <3

  6. leona says:

    I believe in the one and only, he’s inside me and I’m a part of him.

  7. Agnieszka says:

    When you look at the world around, when you look at the sky above, when you, how can you not?

  8. Toti Montecalvo says:

    yes, i believe in God. I know that he always challenge us… and i know he has a good plan for me and you in general. yes, Am not able to see him but still he serves as my motivation that something good will happen maybe not now, tom but in the future.

    I really appreciate God when am down and really out of plan. I drem big and even the richest of all but still God is not able to give it to me right away. I’m pretty much sure that he has better plan for me.

    Am so thankful because of my beliefs help me to grow and to live even i had a lot of problems, to my family, work and even my plans was not able to succeed.

    I hope you guys believe on him as well if not today i hope that you can appreciate God in the future. God really love’s us. :) have a wonderful day.

  9. Tania says:

    Yes with every heart beat and with every breath .
    Blessings Tania

  10. Sulhöm Al Naimi says:

    I believe in God, though it took me mnay years to believe in his “Existence”. But the most hardest thing is for me to put my grasp on which God I believe in…
    Allah, Jesus, the Roman Gods….-
    there are many beliefs and many viewpoints on the existence of God or in other words the “Upper-being”.
    I do believe that there is an Invisible Hand, that illuminates our paths in life…
    and each time, I feel faithless…I think twice and say well whatever is out there…it’s out there, so I feel that something out there is looking down at me.
    maybe it would take time for me to find the right God…?

  11. luce says:

    Yes I do !

  12. marmara says:

    claro que acredito…aliás sou uma das bandas desenhadas que ele costuma gostar de ler…;)

  13. Saad says:

    Yes of course.
    I recalled an old story about a man from desert, who has been asked who did u that there is a god. He answered;the camel waste guide us to the camel, and the foot print tell us that there is man passed. A great sky is above us, and a huge earth is in front if us, isn’t this an evidence for us that there’s God who create all this.

    I translate the story from Arabic sorry if there are mistakes in the translation.

  14. Serena says:

    it is do you believe in God or How you believe in God?