Reflections of the Warrior of the Light – Accepting one’s duty

By Paulo Coelho

A warrior of the light is reliable. He makes some mistakes, and sometimes considers himself to be more important than he really is. But he does not lie.

When people gather around the fire, he talks to his male and female companions. He knows that the words he utters will be kept in the memory of the Universe, as a record of what he thinks.

And the warrior reflects: “why do I say so much, if I am often unable to do everything I say?” This is an important matter for reflection.

The heart replies: “when you publicly defend your ideas, you will have to be strong in order to live up to them.”

It is because he thinks he is that which he says, that the warrior ends up becoming exactly that.

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  2. Kazendim says:

    Hi everybody,
    Hi dear Hildegarde,

    I can make U dance, so dance;)

    Bye ya

  3. THELMA says:

    @ Annie. My dearest Annie, of course you were confused about me saying about Cyprus!!It is that I am new with the internet and I do not know how it works…I had gone behind my photo to the word CYPRUS and I wanted to see what was there…. The first impression was disapppointing and there were some photos from a ..lake in Canada called..CYPRUS, and also most photos were from the occupied from Turkey area [since 1974]. Today I have searched again and now there are so many beautiful photos, that show the beauty of my island…Sorry for my coments…I am always impulsive….{where is my …wisdom…???]LOVE, THELMA

  4. Tania says:

    You can just waste so much energy if you go on and on about stuff- silence /meditation is a good way to speak to your dreams and then apply the action ,not so much with your mouth but with your heart and soul – to me action always speaks much louder than words ,but sometimes its good practice to just be divinely still .Blessings Tania

  5. wanbliska says:

    A part of that lesson impressed me this winter.
    I’m reliable for love, but out of it, I have problem to be. Because of time. People have calendars, hours and dates, while I’m doing when I consider it is the good moment. They also have curious laws.
    Nevertheless I noticed, that we often say things to ourselves; what we are saying in advices or anger to others.
    The time we know that, we think twice before judging others, that’s true.
    Since, the limit between a judgment and an observation, is not so easy to be heard.

    Sometimes, I tell things that leads me to be strong. And, it is not that I’ve been wondering about the words I say, but more about the situation I put myself again… Of course, face to new ordeals.

    Regardless, it’s the last imperfect gift I’d like to keep.

  6. THELMA says:

    This is the might and power of Mind and Imagination!!It is the principle of : ‘As above so below’ or “As in the macrocosmos so in the microcosmos”. It is the creation that takes place eternally and our Souls play their part in it.LOVE and have a nice week-end.THELMA
    p.s. I was disappointed about what was put in the blog[behind my photo] about my country, Cyprus. Most photos are from another country and the information given is from amateurs’ sites!! Sorry….

  7. Nia Wind says:

    If a warrior made a mistake:
    He goes deep into his mind, meditate to be the heart of the universe, have the energy from the lightning he was born with, ask God for help, look again at the time of mistakes and…
    and step again into world.


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  9. Reading Brida says:

    This speaks to me tremendously right now. I have recently been noticing more and more how hypocritical I have been. We get caught up in expressing our ideals in a passionate and often public forum and then as soon as we leave the discussion many of us go on living our lives, often in direct opposition to the ideals just expressed. I have only very recently resolved to counter this so I can end up “becoming exactly that” as my ideals require. Just as put forth in Veronika Decides to Die, our lives can be recreated at any moment.

  10. Pandora says:

    To err is human, to forgive is divine.

    Sometimes mistakes are necessary to enable us to develop, however hard they may be. (I should know).

  11. zingsho says:

    i also thing that i consider myself important than i really am!! a great dreamer- seriously!!!!