Reflections on Life – Past mistakes

By Paulo Coelho

During a journey, Buddha came across a yogi with only one leg.
“I burn all my past mistakes”, explained the man.
“And how many mistakes have you burned?
“I have no idea.”
“And how many are left to burn?” inquired Buddha.
“I have no idea.”
“Then it is time to stop. Stop asking God for forgiveness, and go and ask those you wounded for forgiveness.”

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  1. marie-christine says:

    Je demande pardon a toute ma famille, mes freres , mes soeurs q, p, c, j,g, r, p,p, l, n, m, h,d,o,
    et moi-meme, je continue de boiter et de rever aussi.
    Love to all

  2. Love says:

    Dear Annie and Paul,

    Thank you for your kindness


  3. Love says:

    PS: Well, no. I didn´t explain very well. I would change all the cruel and bad things I have done, of course; what I meant was that I have hurt two living beings and one of them, despite of everything, still Loves me.

    Thanks to the feeling of knowing that He has really forgiven me, the guilty I have felt for having been “bad” with Him has dissapear completely; I think that should be enough to forgive myself for having caused bad to the person I was talking about in my other message.

  4. Love says:

    As I look back, there is only (despite of all the cruel and “bad” things I have made) two things that I really would like to change because I have hurt someone with a pure Heart.


    Also, the way I was by that time (very far from my True Self) caused to awaken the demons of the person I am talking about.

    I thought I was saying the truth but that truth was caused because of my imperfect behaviour.

    In fact, without being completely aware, I was hitting him.

    Now I have learnt how important is being Aware. I have also learnt that, when you find a person like him and when you are aware, it is better to embrace him and Help him (even if their demons are already awakened) and endure the blows you are receiving from the demons rather than hit the person you Love.

    So I have this kind of burden over my soul because I have hurt a person with a pure Heart and, so far, he has not forgiven me.

    I would feel better if I could embrace him and bless him and give him my protection. I Love him.

    It´s not a romantic love. It´s the other Love.

    I wish him Light to understand what has really happened. I wish he could forgive me and Love me from his Heart. He did opened his Heart to me after years of having been closed. It was the very best of all presents.

    I just Hope that he could go on opening his Heart truly when another good oportunity for him to open his Heart come.

    Sometimes, if we are still in the dark, our wounds can affect us more than we are able to realize. Maybe that´s why it is so important to look at our Heart and explore without fear all His corners. I think when we find a wound, it is better to bring it to the surface and put it in a very visible place till the wound is completely healed. If we hide our wounds to ourselves for a false relief, they can appear as a dangerous knife to bother us when we less expected.

    Maybe that saying about “know thyself” is precisaly that: know everything that is dwelling in our Heart: including the things that we prefer to hide (in a no conscious way probably) because we think we are protecting ourselves. But that is not truth. We cannot scape from ourselves, it is better to stop and face that thing within us that can also destroy us if we do not pay attention to what is going on in our Lifes.

    It´s easy to say but … without the miracle of the awakening and guidance of the Mother within ourselves, I don´t know how this can be possible.

    So we are here in this world a bit blind and lost. Poor humans. The only Salvation is that the Goddess could be kind enough to Come here to bring some Light to our disastrous Lifes.

    Till this happen, any good Help would be welcome :). Maybe that´s why people feels the need to be close to like people. Maybe that´s how all the congregations we know today were born: as a kind of fellowship to Help each other while the Gods up there are still “up” there.

    And some congregations, in the name of their own Gods, have tried to destroy other congregations to “protect” themselves (?). I would called that “protection” Fear.

    It´s really weird …

    Maybe the battles we see out there are the mirror of what is happening in our world within. I don´t know why people is so concern about far away wars at the other point of the planet while, within them, an even more bloody conflict is going on.

  5. El Dormido says:

    Someone said that the tenses of time exist only in the mind. The future does not exist. And the past, well, it is whatever you make of it.

    I think there is a big difference between truth and honesty. Truth is malleable, honesty is what I do.

    The past has changed as I look back and come to understand what it was I was doing instead of what I thought I was doing. So the truth has changed.

    The first thing, though, is acceptance. Without self-acceptance I cannot begin to embrace any other thing, truth, person, place, whatever.

    It is only as my relationship with my God has grown, though, have I begun to bear any reconsideration and acceptance of the past. Because I have come to understand that, since my God accepts me just as I am, so I should accept myself.

    From there do I find forgiveness and begin to forgive and whatever I thought of the past begins to wash away and the present spread out and take up all the space in my heart.

    So it goes.

  6. Agnieszka says:

    Dear Annie,
    there’s this star..
    that shines in your heart,
    let it shine..

    lots of love
    P.S. Remember that every one of us has bad moments, we just have to pray they’ll pass soon.

  7. THELMA says:

    I think that, since the story speaks about a jogi, we have to learn about the law of Karma [the cause and the result]. Our lessons, our school is on this Planet. It is the place of action and learning …LOVE. JESUS has said: I am the Truth and the Way..He gave us the Prayer..”OUR FATHER..”..[I feel privileged it was written in Greek] LOVE, THELMA

  8. Tania says:

    So true Angnieszka -always care and let people know that ,as we never know when God will call us home .Love and Light to you all -Blessings Tania

  9. Agnieszka says:

    All we need to do is care.

    “You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”


  10. Karen says:

    I remember a quote a friend showed me. It said “God couldn’t make everything, so he made mothers.”

    It makes me remember that He,God, makes himself into people, and so nearly always in life, the quickest route to Him, Our Divine Creator, is through our relationships with other people.
    And ourselves also.
    So, yes, we find Him in each other.
    Blessings friends.

  11. wanbliska says:

    And it pushes us through what we generally want to flee; facing our own cowardice.

  12. wanbliska says:

    Already done with the Supreme, but not towards all the peole I’ve wounded. I’ll do, because it is a good behaviour to have. Indeed.